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New Years Eve Partay Round Mine


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Okay my Thread seems to have become the New Years Thread of the forum.

Keep the Partay Alive, i only 4 hours until my partay starts.

:dj: KevTastic on the wheels of steel

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I hope all your wishes gets come true for 2005, have a good eve and a better tomorrow.

Thanx to every1.

cultural note: we use to make a rag puppet every year, that puppet is filled with gunpowder and then, at 12 o'clock, it gets burned. The puppet symbolizes all the bad feelings of 2004. The size of the puppet is like the size of an average person.

It is petty dangerous but funny :kekeke:

party all night! :drunk:

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Everybody have a fun, safe, and responcible New Years Eve.

I'll probably spend it at the huge party that one of the theaters i work has has each year. I have a lil' bit of space this year....i wonder how many honeyz i'm gonna kiss 2nite. I guess we'll see what kinda mood i'm in 2nite.

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i requested will2k at my party and the DJ asked if i wanted to do it karioke lol, i was drunk but not that drunk, so he said he would find it and play it and he never did. That is such a crime.

Instead we did a weird jig in the middle of the street at midnight and all the cars were beeping, probably to make us move out of the road lol.

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