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Is it reall that hard to make a "Crunk" beat?


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I don't mind the...um...."crunk" sound when it's done right. Some of those beats have the same kinda vibe as early Hip-Hop stuff like "Planet Rock." That "crunk" sound isn't the only sound comin' out of the dirty south. I like beats like Usher's "Yeah" and TLC's "Come Get Some" but when u hear a song like that 100 times (like "Yeah" it gets old pretty quick). I think any album or artist that relies on that sound 2 much is kinda pathetic tho.' For instance, Ciera's "Goodies" waz an okay song...but the beat is disposable (and has her really having 2 prove her vocal talents). Here new joint proves she can handle a different less trendy sound but it hasn't proved anything in the vocal area (i haven't heard her album).

I knew about Lil' Jon since the early 90's when he did alot of bass stuff working under Jermaine Dupri. He dose have talent...but his obnoxious vocal style and trendy sound is what got him popular. He dose prove he still has talent when u hear Usher's "Red Light" and that new track he did with Usher and Ludacris. It's his signature style without the disposable, trendy "crunk" sound.

I think the whole misusing the word "crunk" is really silly 2. I used 2 use it back in the mid-90's cuz T-Boz (from ATL) used it as a way 2 say something waz crazy and wild and it waz kinda funny. Now the whole "dirty south" rap style that has embraced the word has made it have no meaning at all. Just like the word "hate" and "murder"...those words mean nothing anymore cuz ignorant fools have blew them up and misused them so much.

By the way, couldn't hear your beat.

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