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At one point i had at least 6 or 7 copies of Big Willie Style. CDnow had the tracklisting of the album incorrect (listing 2 or 3 bonus trax). I kept ordering them and then complaining that they didn't have the correct info on the site. They took them all back.

The one music store i go 2 alot as a huge collection of used CDs in the back. Every other month, they knock at least a dollar off the price. When ever JJ+FP or Will Smith albums get down 2 a dollar or 2, i buy them. I use them as back-up copies 4 the car or 2 loan 2 friends 2 get them more in2 JJ+FP.

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hero i didn't even know there were that many pm dawn albums, nice-trex

let me give you a rundown trex

of the heart- well guess you know abt that

bliss album - prob my least fav album..more polished sound from of the heart

jesus wept-this is a great rnb album..great album very well produced

dearest christian - this is one of my fav albums of all time..unbelievably slept on..the music covers a heap of styles..the lyrics and songs are deeply personal..its basically prince be saying dearest christian(his son) im sorry for bringing you here cause the world is so messed up.. the albums kinda depressing..but its damn good

f***ed music - this is no longer available..it sort of follows on from dearest christian..very personal..another great album..beats are a little more ol skool

unreleased music vol 1 - this is all these unreleased tracks..it has the original intro for jesus wept..which is like 3 rap tracks..directed at all the haters..really strong stuff(and pretty explicit) has a few words directed at krs 1 too :) has a lot of rap tracks n stuff on it..also no longer available..

pm dawn man..they were a dope group that i think a lot of people didnt quite get..they did something original..and you could never classify them..and prince be's lyrics and writing is brilliant

this is a new track by them "amnesia" off their new album..check it out..

PM Dawn - Amnesia

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I havn't gotten a new PM Dawn album since "Dearest Christian..." I HATE buying albums on the internet thru' their websites...and becuz of that it's be very hard 2 get those last few albums. That's why i STILL havn't gotten Wicked Wisdom's or Vee's. I think Arrested Development and Speech's albums are the only ones i've ordered off their site. I would get the albums by 4th Avenue Jones' but they don't have any in stock.

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like i said earlier i ran a music store for 5 years and never saw anything beyond the 1st three. sure would be curious to hear the dearest christian the way you explain it-trex

i saw dearest christian really cheap sumwhere..if its still there ill get it for you

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I see most people collections are way different than mine. I am 24 by the way. To name a hand full this is what I collection looks like:

Genesis - All albums

JJFP - All albums

311 - All albums

Red Hot Chili Peppers - All albums

Ice Cube - All albums

Stone Temple Pilots - All albums

Nirvana - All albums

Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

Gza - Liquid Swords

Method Man/Redman - Blackout

Van Halen - All albums

N.W.A - All albums

Joe Jackson - Most albums missing 3 of them

The Prodigy - All albums and singles

Metallica - All albums

Dr. Dre - The Chronic & Chronic 2001

Snoop Dog - Paid the Cost to be the Boss

Faith No More - All albums

This is just a hand full of bands in my collection but the list goes on and on it would take forever to list them all.

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Wow damn AJ, you're collection bigger than all of ours put together! :cya: I'm surprised that I'm the only one here that has a James Brown album in my collection, they're hard to find though man, he put out 38 albums in over 50 years now, I wanna try and get more of them 'cause his songs are amazing, you can't love hip-hop and not love James Brown, the Godfather of Soul! :bowdown: :bowdown:

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i'm almost done with cat my record collection


Basement Jaxx Romeo ft. Kele Le Roc MAXI 2001

Beenie Man Tropical Storm CD 2002

Bellini Samba De Janeiro MAXI 1997

Beverley Knight The B-Funk CD 1995

Beverley Knight Made It Back MAXI 1998

Beverley Knight Prodigal Sista CD 1998

Beverley Knight Rewind (Find A Way) (CD Single CD2) MAXI 1998

Beverley Knight Greatest Day (CD Single CD2) MAXI 1999

Beverley Knight Made It Back ’99 (CD Single CD2) MAXI 1999

Beverley Knight Prodigal Sista (Re-Release) CD 1999

Beverley Knight Sista Sista (CD Single CD2) MAXI 1999

Beverley Knight Get Up (CD Single CD2) MAXI 2001

Beverley Knight Gold (CD Single CD1) MAXI 2002

Beverley Knight Gold (CD Single CD2) MAXI 2002

Beverley Knight Shoulda Woulda Coulda (CD Single CD1) MAXI

Beverley Knight Who I Am (2nd Re-Release) CD 2002

Beverley Knight Who I Am (Promo) CD 2002

Beverley Knight Shape Of You (Re-shaped) ft Wyclef MAXI 2003

Beverley Knight Affirmation CD 2004

Beverley Knight Affirmation (Promo) CD 2004

Beverley Knight Come As You Are “12 2004

Beverley Knight Come As You Are (CD Single 1) MAXI 2004

Beverley Knight Come As You Are (CD Single 2) MAXI 2004

Beverley Knight Come As You Are (Promo) CD 2004

Beverley Knight Come As You Are JD Remix ( Promo) MAXI 2004

Beverley Knight Not Too Late For Love (CD Single 1) MAXI 2004

Beverley Knight Not Too Late For Love (CD Single 2) MAXI 2004

Beyonce Dangerously In Love CD 2003

Bjork Homogenic CD 1997

Bjork Vespertine CD 2001

Bjork Medulla CD 2004

Black Eyed Peas Behind The Front CD

Black Eyed Peas Elephunk CD

Blackstreet Another Level CD

Blaque Blaque CD

Blu Cantrell Breath MAXI

Blu Cantrell Hit Em Up Style (oops) ft Foxy Brown (Promo) MAXI

Blu Cantrell So Blu MAXI

Blu Cantrell Til I’m Gone (Promo) MAXI

Brand New Heavies Best Of CD

Brandy Afrodisiac CD

Brandy Full Moon CD

Brandy Never Say Never

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kool man, keep me posted in the meantime here is what i have displayed in my cd collection, i got prolly like twice this many but this is the stuff i keep out, the rest is in boxes in the closet. plus i have a little record collection. -trex

above the law-uncle sams curse

above the rim-soundtrack


a.t.u.-underground fossils

a.t.u.-mood pieces

a.t.u.-south central thynk taynk

ac/dc-back in black

a-team-who framed the a-team?

a-team-lab down under

aceyalone-book of human language

aceyalone-all balls don't bounce

aceyalone-all balls don't bounce revisited

aceyalone-accepted ecclectic

aceyalone-love and hate

aesop rock-labor days

a-ha-hunting high and low


alice and chains-bank heist

alkaholiks-coast II coast


allman brothers band-decade of hits

all that jazz-1997sampler

almight r.s.o.-revenge of the badd boyz e.p.

america-greatest hits

america is dying slowly-v/a

annonymous-the green and the gold

anotha level-on anotha level

another bad creation-coolin at the playground


louis armstrong-what a wonderful world

louis armstrong-the very best of

louis armstrong-20th century masters

louis armstrong-cocktail hour

arrested development-revolution

arrested development-3 years, 5 months, and 2 days in the life of..

arrested development-unplugged

arrested development-zingalamaduni

arrested development-mr wendal

artifacts-c'mon wit da git down

audio two-what more can i say

awol one-awol one

awol one-soul doubt

awol one-reborn

awol one-3 eyed cows

awol one-rebirth

awol one-propaganda

awol one-#3 on the phone

awol one-speakerface

az-doe or die

back to the future-soundtrack


band, the-the best of

beach boys-greatest hits

beatles-the beatles

beatles-anthology 1

beatles-anthology 2

beatles-anthology 3

beatles-live at the bbc



beatles-in the begining

beatles-sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

beatles-magical mystery tour

beatles-let it be

beatles-let it be naked

beatles-with the beatles

beatles-yellow submarine sountrack

beatles-rubber soul

beatles-beatles for sale


beatles-hard days night


beatles-abbey road

beatles-yellow submarine songtrack

beatles-please please me

beatles-past masters vol 1

beatles-past masters vol 2


beats and lyrics-v/a

beats and lyrics 2-v/a



beck-midnite vultures


beck-sea changes

b.b.d.-wbbd bootcity


beneath the surface-v/a

beneath the surface-v/a (celestial re-issue)

tony bennet-all time greatest hits

tony bennet-mtv unplugged

tony bennet-snowfall

chuck berry-20th century masters

best summer album in the world ever-v/a

big daddy kane-looks like a job for

big lebowski-soundtrack

big phat ones of hip hop volume 1-v/a

big shiny tunes 2-v/a

biz markie-all smaples cleared



blackalicious-blazing arrow

blackalicious-melodica ep

black eyed peas-behind the front

black moon-enta da stage

black moon-diggin in the vaults

black sheep-non fiction

black sheep-a wolf is sheeps clothing

art blakeyand the jazz messengers-moanin

bloods and crips-bangin on wax

blues guitarts greats-v/a

body rock-v/a

bone thugs-n-harmony-if i could teach the world

bone thugs-n-harmony-collection volume 1

bone thugs-n-harmony-e. 1999 eternal

jon bon jovi-young guns 2

boogie down productions-criminal minded

boogiemonsters-god sound


riders of the storm-the underwater album

boot camp click-for the people

boss-born gangstaz

david bowie-the singles 1969-1993

boyz II men-II

boyz II men-cooleyhighharmony

boyz n the hood-soundtrack

brand new heavies-heavy rhyme experience

brand nubian-foundation

brand nubian-in god we trust

brand nubian-everything is everything

garth brooks-the hits

brotherhood creed-brotherhood creed

james brown-20th century masters

junior brown-semi crazy

junior brown-long walk back

junior brown-guit with it

junior brown-mixed bag

junior brown-12 shades of brown

dave brubeck-ken burns jazz


b.u.m.s.-lyfe n' tyme

busta rhymes-the coming

busta rhymes-woo haa

busta rhymes-when disaster strikes

candyman-ain't no shame in my game

canibus-can i bus

cardigans-gran turismo

cardigans-first band on the moon

rodney carrington-morning wood

rodney carrington-hangin with rodney

johnny cash-silver

johnny cash-unearthed

johnny cash-a boy named sue and other story songs

johnny cash-the mystery of life

johnny cash-is coming to town/boom chicka boom

johnny cash-water from the wells of home

johnny cash-50th anniversary edition

johnny cash-classic cash

johnny cash-the essential cash 1955-1983

johnny cash-giant hits

johnny cash-16 biggest hits

johnny cash-the mercury years

johnny cash-now there was a song

johnny cash-sings hank williams and other favorite tunes

johnny cash-sings the songs that made him famous

johnny cash-live at san quentin

johnny cash-from folsom prison

johnny cash-america

johnny cash-god

johnny cash-love

johnny cash-murder

johnny cash-life

johnny cash-live at madison garden

johnny cash-blue train

johnny cash-orange blossom special

johnny cash-ride this train

johnny cash-bitter tears

johnny cash-carrying on with june carter

johnny cash-blood, sweat, and tears

johnny cash-the fabulous

johnny cash-hymns by..

johnny cash-ballads of the true west

johnny cash-with his hot white and blue guitar

johnny cash-songs of our soil

johnny cash-american recordings

johnny cash-american-unchained

johnny cash-american III solitary man

johnny cash-american IV when the man comes around

johnny cash-ragged old flag

johnny cash and wille nelson-vh1 storytellers

cavemen speak-wooden cast

cavemen speak-shadow animal solos

cherry poppin daddies-zoot suit riot

chi-ali-the fabulous chi ali

chino xl-i told you so

chino xl-here to save you all

eric clapton-clapton chronicles

george clinton-greatest hits

george clinton and the p funk all stars-live and kickin

george clinton-hey man smell my finger


code name scorpion-code name scorpion

nat king cole-the christmas song

nat king cole-greatest hits

college boyz-radio fusion radio

john coltrane-the gentle side of..

john coltrane-lush life

common-one day it'll all make sense

common-like water for chocolate

common sense-can i borrow a dollar

common sense-ressurection

company flow-fun crusher plus


controls-one hundred

coolio-it takes a thief

coolio-gangsta's paradise

counting crows-recovering the satelites

counting crows-hard candy

counting crows-across a wire live in new york

counting crows-august and everything after

counting crows-this desert life

counting crows-films about ghosts

coup-genocide and juice

coup-steal this album

creedence clearwater revival-chronicle

croon and swoon-v/a

bing crosby-my favorite hawaiian songs

bing crosby-the million sellers

bing crosby-blue skies

bing crosby-holiday inn

bing crosby-white christmas

bing crosby-16 most requested songs

bing crosby-the very best of christmas

bing crosby-sinatra, crosby, cole

bing crosby-my favorite love songs

bing crosby-a little bit of irish

cypress hill-black sunday

cypress hill-cypress hill

da brat-funkdafied

da lench mob-guerillas in the mist

da king and i-contemporary jeep music

bobby darin-the bobby darin story

bobby darin-mack the knife

das efx-dead serious

das efx-straight up sewaside

miles davis-bitches brew

miles davis-birth of the cool

sammy davis jr-sammy and friends

sammy davis jr-greatest hits

sammy davis jr-greatest hits live

sammy davis jr-greatest songs

dazed and confused-sountrack

dead man walking-soundtrack

dedicated to you vol 2-v/a

dedicated to you vol 5-v/a

deep concentration-v/a

def jam 1985-2001-v/a

def jam's greatest hits-v/a

de la soul-stakes is high

de la soul-a.i. mosaic thump

de la soul-remixes

de la soul-de la soul is dead

de la soul-buhloone mind state

de la soul-3 feet high and rising

de la soul-itzoweezee

delicious vinyl present's prime cuts-vol1-v/a

del the funkyhomosapien-no need for alarm

del the funkee homosapien-i wish my brother george was here

john denver-the best of..

depeche mode-ultra

depeche mode-violator

depeche mode-the singles86-98

depeche mode-exciter

desperado-the soundtrack

diamond and the psychotic neurotics-stunts, blunts and hip hop

dido-no angel

digable planets-blowout comb

digable planets-reachin'

digital underground-sex packets

digital underground-sons of the p

digital underground-this is an ep release

digital underground-future rhythm

digital underground-who got the gravy?

digital underground-kiss you back

dialated peoples-the platform

distorted orgins-organic terror

dj honda-hII

dj honda-travelin man

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-home base

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-and in this corner

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-he's he dj, i'm the rapper

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-code red

dj shadow-you can't go home again

dj shadow-entroducing

dj shadow-preemptive strike

dj shadow-the private press

d-knowledge-all that and a bag of words

jon doe-constructive criticism


the doors-strange days

the doors-the doors

the doors-morrison hotels

the doors-la woman

the doors-waiting for the sun

the doors-the best of...

tommy dorsey-sentimental memories

the dove shack-this is the shack

d-nice-to tha rescue

drastic jungle project-v/a

dr. dooom-first come, first served

dr. dre-the chronic

dr. octagon-dr. octagon

dr. octagon-dr. octagonecologyst

d.r.s.-gangsta lean

duran duran-electric barbarella

bob dylan-mtv unplugged

bob dylan-pat garrett and billy the kid

bob dylan-new morning

bob dylan-hard rain

bob dylan-empire burlesque

bob dylan-oh mercy

bob dyaln-the basement tapes

bob dylan-john wesley harding

bob dylan-another side of bob dylan

bob dylan-before the flood

bob dylan-a fool such as i

bob dylan-the lost cover show of 2002

bob dylan-my blue eyed jane

bob dylan-lovesick

bob dylan-nashville sky line

bob dylan-desire

bob dylan-highway 61 revisited

bob dylan-blonde on blonde

bob dylan-bringing it all back home

bob dylan-the freewheelin...

bob dylan-the times they are a changing

bob dylan-time out of mind

bob dylan-the essential

bob dylan-dylan and the dead

bob dylan-bob dylan

bob dylan-slow train coming

bob dylan-blood on the tracks

bob dylan-greatest hits

bob dylan-street legal

bob dylan-infidels

bob dylan-love and theft

bob dylan-biograph

bob dylan-the bootleg series vol 1-3 (rare & unreleased) 1961-1991

bob dylan-the bootleg series vol 4 live 1966

bob dylan-the bootleg series vol 5 live 1975

bob dylan-the bootleg series vol 6 live 1964


eagles-hell freezes over

eagles-the very best of...

eagles-the eagles

ed o.g. and da bulldogs-life of a kid in the ghetto

ed o.g. and da bulldogs-roxbury 02119

eh paisano-v/a

e-40-the mailman

eligh-a story of two worlds


eligh-gas dream

duke ellington-ken burns jazz

bill engvall-now thats awesome

enya-paint the sky with stars

epmd-business never personal

eric b and rakim-paid in full (platinum edition)

eric b and rakim-let the rhythm hit em

eric b and rakim-don't sweat the technique

eric b and rakim-follow the leader

escape artists-candle and knife

escape artists-3-d massacre

escape artists-plot against theme

everlast-whitey ford sings the blues

fat boy slim-we've come along way baby

finding forrester-soundtrack

ella fitzgerald-the best of louis and ella

ela fitzgerald-cocktail hour

john fogerty-centerfield

forrest gump-soundtrack

funky precedent-v/a

4 non blondes-bigger, better, faster, more

45 king-45 kingdom

4 eyed mortals-v/a

peter frampton-classics

freestyle fellowship-innercity griots

freestyle fellowship-temptations

freestyle fellowship-version 2.0

freestyle fellowship-to whom it may concern

freestyle fellowship-shockadoom


fugees-the score

fugees-bootleg versions

fu-schnickens-nervous breakdown

fu-schnickens-f.u. don't take it personal

ganstarr-daily operation

gangstarr-step in the arena

gangstarr-full clip

gangstarr-moment of truth

gangstarr-hard to earn

gap band-20th centruy masters

marvin gaye-the 70's

marvine gaye-every great motown hit

genius-words from the ...

genius-liquid swords

geto boys-we can't be stopped

get on the bus-soundtrack

ghostface killah-ironman

good burger-sountrack

the good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy-v/a

goodie mob-still standing

goodie mob-soul food

benny goodman-the king of swing

good rocking tonight the legacy of sun records-v/a


gov't mule-the deep end

1998 grammy nominees-v/a

grand puba-2000

grateful dead-skeletons in the closet

gravediggaz-6 feet deep

gravediggaz-the pick the sickel and the shovel

david gray-a new day at midnight

david gray-white ladder

david gray-flesh

david gray-lost songs 95-98

green day-american idiot

green day-warning

green day-dookie

green day-international super hits

grouch-making perfect sense

grouch-success is destiny

merle haggard-roots vol 1

merle haggard-big city

haiku d'etat-haiku d'etat

haiku d'etat-coup de theatre

herbie hancock-the best of...

george harrison-brainwashed

george harrison-the best of

george harrison-all things must pass

heltah skeltah-nocturnal

he got game-score

jimi hendrix-the ultimate experience

jimi hendrix-band of gypsys

jimi hendrix-axis: bold as love

jimi hendrix-box set 8 song sampler

jimi hendrix-south saturn delta

jimi hendrix-are you experienced

jimi hendrix-blues

jimi hendrix-voodoo child the jimi hendrix collection

jimi hendrix-nyc 68

jimi hendrix-crash landing

jimi hendrix-live at the fillmore east

hen gee and evil e-brothers

don henley-building the perfect beast

hieroglyphics-3rd eye vision

high gear hits vol 2-v/a

high school high-soundtrack

hip hop east meets west vol3-v/a

billy holiday-greatest hits

don ho-greatest hits

john lee hooker-the best of friends

johnny horton-the spectacular

ice cube-kill at will

ice cube-lethal injection

ice cube-bootlegs and b sides

ice cube-amerikkka's most wanted

ice cube-the predator

ice cube-death certificate

ice-t-original gangster

idioms crew-bootlegs volume 1

id obelus-2 bit fugue

billy idol-greatest hits

natalie imbruglia-left of the middle

inside out-v/a

intelligent hoodlum-tragedy saga of a hoodlum

in tha begining there was rap-v/a

isley brothers-greatest hits vol 1

i-10 chronicles-v/a

michael jackson-bad

michael jackson-history

jamiroquai-travelling without moving

jason's lyric-soundtrack

jazzmatazz vol 1-v/a

jazzmatazz vol 2-v/a

jazmatazz street soul-v/a

wyclef jean-a sides II a book

wyclef jean-masquerade

wyclef jean-cheated

wyclef jean-new day

wyclef jean-the carnival

waylon jenneings-the essential

jeru the damaja-wrath of the math

jeru the damaja-sun rises in the east

jodeci-forever my lady

jodeci-diary of a mad band

billy joel-greatest hits vol 1 and 2

elton john-greatest hits

jack johnson-brushfire fairytales

ronny jordan-brighter day

tom jones-the best of

jungle brother-raw deluxe

jurassic 5-e.p.

jurassic 5-quality control

jurassic 5-power in numbers

kam-neva again

kid n play-face the nation

killa army-silent weapons for quiet wars

bb king-20th century masters

bb king and eric clapton-riding with the king

bb king-in london

the king-gravelands

kool g rap-4,5,6

lenny kravitz-in store play sampler

lenny kravitz-greatest hits

kris kristofferson-kristofferson

kris kristofferson-the silver tounged devil and i

krs-one-a retrospective

krs-one-i got next

krs-one-strickly for the breakdancers amd emcees

k-solo-times up

k-solo-tell the world my name

la bamba-soundtrack

latyrx-themuxappers remixes


latyrx the muzappers ep

la virus volume 0-v/a

lawhouse experience-v/a

leaders of the new school-t.i.m.e.

leaders of the new school-a future without a past

led zeppelin-I

led zeppelin-II

led zeppelin-IV

john lennon-lennon

john lennon-imagine

john lennon-lennon legend

john lennon-collection

john lennon imagine-v/a

john lennon and yoko ono-milk and honey

life less ordinary-soundtrack

lighter shade of brown-greatest hits

ll cool j-mama said knock you out

ll cool j-all world

ll cool j-bigger and deffer

ll cool j-14 shots to the dome

lords of the underground-here come the lords

lost boyz-legal drug money

luniz-operation stackola

lyrics born-later that day

craig mack-project: funk da world

mad lion-real ting

mad skillz-from where

malcolm x-soundtrack

mamas and tha papas-greatest hits

henry mancini-mancini music

man on the moon-soundtrack

bob marley and the wailers-rebel music

bob marley and the wailers-uprising

bob marley and the wailers-babylon by bus

bob marley and the wailers-chant down babylon

bob marley and the wailers-legend

bob marley and the wailers-live!

bob marley and the wailers-burnin

bob marley and the wailers-exodus

bob marley and the wailers-natty dread

bob marley and the wailers-catch a fire

bob marley and the wailers-natural mystic

bob marley and the wailers-songs of freedom

bob marley and the wailers-catch a fire (remastered)

bob marley and the wailers-confrontation

bob marley and the wailers-kaya

bob marley and the wailers-one love

bob marley and the wailers-talking blues

bob marley and the wailers-rastaman vibration

ziggy marley and the melody makers-spirit of music

wynton marsalis-standard time vol 3

dean martin-sittin on top of the world

dean martin-once in a while

dean martin-dino

dean martin-your the best thing that ever happened to me

dean martin-gentle on my mind

dean martin-i take a lot of pride in what i am

dean martin-dream with dean

dean martin-everybody loves somebody

dean martin-dean martin hits sgain

dean martin-houston

dean martin-my woman, my woman, my wife

dean martin-for the good times

dean martin-the door is still open to my heart

dean martin-i'm the one who loves you

dean martin-somewhere theres a someone

dean martin-the hit sound of dean martin

dean martin-this time i'm swingin

dean martin-pretty baby

dean martin-dino italian love songs

dean martin-cha cha de amor

dean martin-30 memorable recordings

dean martin-the capitol years

dean martin-making spirits bright

dean martin-live at the sands hotel

dean martin-hurting country songs

dean martin-some enchanted evening

dean martin-greatest hits

masta ace incorporated-sittin' on chrome

james mathus and his knockdown society-play songs for roseta

james mathus and his knockdown society-national antispetic

dave matthews band-remember two things

dave matthews band-listener supported

dave matthews band-summer so far

dave matthews band-live at folsom field

dave matthews band-the central park concert

dave matthews band-recently

dave matthews band-live in chicago

dave matthews band-live at red rocks

dave matthews band-before these crowded streets

dave matthews band-crash

dave matthews band-busted stuff

dave matthews band-under the table and dreaming

dave matthews band-everyday

dave matthews-some devil

dave matthews and tim reynolds-live at luther college

paul mccartney-driving rain

paul mccartney-back in the u.s.

paul mccartney-wingspan

mc breed-the best of...

mc eiht-we come strapped

mc hammer-please hammer don't hurt 'em

mc lyte-act like you don't know

menace II society-soundtrack

men at work-business as usual

men in black-soundtrack

me phi me-one


method man-tical

mikah 9-timetable

millenium seris vol 2-the 60's-v/a

millenium blues party-v/a

glen miller-the entertainers

steve miller band-greatest hits 1974-1978

mindclouders-fake it until you make it

charles mingus-ken burns jazz


mobb deep-mobb muzik

mobb deep-hell on earth

mobb deep-the infamous

mob hits-v/a



monday night football-v/a

money presents folk music-v/a

thelonius monk-this is jazz 5

mono-life in mono


moonshine-weep no more

van morrison-the best of...

mos def and talib kweli-black star

mos def-black on both sides

mountain brothers-self vol 1

mr. x-any ole sunday

mumia 911-v/a

keith murray-the most beatuifulest thing in this world

keith murray-enigma

keith murray-this that ****/dip dip di (remix)

mystery tramp-wild nights

mystik journeymen-4001 the stolen legacy

mystik journeymen-the black sands ov etrnia

mystik journeymen-worldwide underground

nas-ill matic

nas ill matic 10th anniversary

nas-it was written

nas-i am

nate dogg-g funk classics

nate dogg-never leave me alone

naughty by nature-naughty by nature

naughty by nature-19 naughty III

naughty by nature-fell me flow

willie nelson-face of a fighter

willie nelson-slow down old world

willie nelson-december days

willie nelson-me and paul

willie nelson-milk cow blues

willie nelson-across the borderline

willie nelson-christmas with..

willie nelson-the promiseland

willie nelson-willie and family live

willie nelson-certified hits

willie nelson-yesterdays wine

willie nelson-greatest hits and some that will be

willie nelson-always on my mind

willie nelson-the red headed stranger

willie nelson-waylon and willie

willie nelson-pancho and lefty

willie nelson-half neslon

willie nelson-phases and stages

willie nelson-stardust

willie nelson-willie and ray

willie nelson-shotgun willie

willie nelson-san antonio rose

willie nelson-what a wonderful world

willie nelson-one for the road

willie nelson-the great divide

willie nelson-honeysuckle rose

willie nelson-to lefty from willie

willie nelson-sings kristofferson

willie nelson-live at billy bobs

willie nelson-the troublemaker

willie nelson-tougher than leather

randy newman-trouble in paradise

nice and smooth-ain't a damn thang changed


nirvana-unplugged in new york

nirvana-in utero

nirvana-from the muddy banks of wiskah


no doubt this is what it's about-v/a

no doubt-tragic kingdom

nonce-world ultimate

notorious b.i.g.-ready to die


n.w.a.-straight out of compton

ohio players-20th century masters

ol' dirty bastard-nigga please

ol' dirty bastard-return to the 36 chambers

omc-how bizarre

of mexican descent-exitos y mas exitos


roy orbison-the all time greatest hits

roy orbison-black and white night

roy orbison-50th anniversary edition

roy orbison-rare orbison

organized konfusion-equinox

organized konfusion-stress: the extinction agenda






ozomatli-embrace the chaos


paperboy-the whole nine yards

paris-sleeping with the enemy

paris-sonic jihad

parliament-20th century masters

parliament-tear the rook off 1974-1980

parliament-greatest hits

pass the mic-v/a

p.e.a.c.e.-southern fry'd chicken

pearl jam-10

carl perkins-go cat go

carl perkins-50th anniversary edition

pete rock and cl smooth-mecca and the soul brother

pete rock and cl smooth-the main ingredient

tom petty-the last dj

tom petty-echo

tom petty-full moon fever

tom petty-into the great wide open

tom petty-wildflowers

tom petty-she's the one

tom petty-greatest hits

madeline peyroux-dreamland

the pharcyde-she said

the pharcyde-cydeways the best of...

the pharcyde-chapter one: testing the waters

the pharcyde-labcabincalifornia

the pharcyde-labcabincalifornia (import)

the pharcyde-undecyded

the pharcyde-bizarre ride II the pharcyde

the pharcyde-runnin

the pharcyde-plain rap

phife dawg-ventilation da l.p.

pink floyd-echoes the best of

pink floyd-a momentary lapse of reason

pink floyd-the wall

pink floyd-wish you were here

pink floyd-dark side of the moon

pirates of the carribean

pm dawn-of the heart, of the soul, and of the cross: the utopian experience

poor righteous teachers-pure poverty

poor righteous teachers-black business

poor righteous teachers-the new world order



portishead-roseland live in nyc


positive k-the skills that pay the bills

elvis presley-heart and soul

elvis presley-the best artist of the century

elvis presley-the top ten hits

elvis presley-suspicious minds

prince markie dee and the soul convention-free

process of elimination-v/a

profilin' the hits-v/a

project blowed-v/a

propellerheads-decks and drums and rock and roll

public enemy-muse sick in hour mess age

public enemy-it takes a nation of millions to hold us back

public enemy-yo! bum rush the show

public enemy-apocalypse 91... the enemy strikes back

public enemy-fear of a black planet

public enemy-he got game

pump ya fist-v/a

pure blues-v/a

pure jazz-v/a

pure reggae-v/a

pure soul power-v/a

purest form-distinct messages

quannum spectrum-v/a


questionmark asylum-the album


radiohead-pablo honey

raekwon-only built for cuban linx


rakim-the 18th letter

rakim-the master

rage against the machine-evil empire

rap g style-v/a


ras kass-rassasination

ras kass-soul on ice

rat pack-eee-0 11

rat pack-members edition

rat pack-live at the sands

rat pack-live and swingin

rat pack-the summit

rat pack-from vegas to st louis

raw fusion-live from the styleetron

rawkus prsents soundbombing II-v/a

real hip hop-best of d and d studios vol 1-v/a

red hot chili peppers-what hits??

red hot chili peppers-greatest hits

red hot chili peppers-californication

red hot chili peppers-by the way

red hot chili peppers-bloodsugarsexmagik

lou reed-walk on the wild side

reg e. gaines-please don't take my air jordans

relativity urban assault-v/a

r.e.m.-automatic for the people

tim reynolds-sanctuary

marty robbins-gunfighter ballads and trail songs

marty robbins-lost and found

marty robbins-all time greatest hits

chris rock-bigger and blacker

rodney o-what you gotta say

kenny rogers-the gambler

kenny rogers-greatest hits

jim rome-welcome to the jungle

rolling stones-hot rocks

rolling stones-singles collection

the roots-do you want more?

the roots-the roots come alive

the roots-organix

the roots-things fall apart

the roots-illadelphalflife

royal crown revue-the contender

royal crown revue-caught in the act

ruffhouse records-greatest hits-v/a

rules of the game-v/a

run dmc-tougher than leather

run dmc-raising hell

run dmc-down with the king


rza-as bobby digital


saafir-boxcar sessions

sadat x-wild cowboys

sade-the best of..

santana-the natural

saukrates-the underground tapes

senor coconut y su conjunto-el baile aleman

ron sexsmith-other songs

brian setzer orchestra-the dirty boogie

brian setzer trio-'68 come back special

shaggy-mr lover lover

shai-if i ever fall in love

shapeshifters-adopted by aliens

kenny wayne shepher-ledbetter heights


shyheim-aka the rugged child

simon and garfunkel-bookends

frank sinatra-greatest hits

frank sinatra-love songs

frank sinatra-concept sampler

frank sinatra-members edition

frank sinatra-conducts tone poems of color

frank sinatra-christmas album

frank sinatra-v discs vol 2

frank sinatra-the radio years

frank sinatra-all time greatest hits vol 3

frank sinatra-sings for only the lonely

frank sinatra-my way

frank sinatra-sings songs for swingin lovers

frank sinatra-in the wee small hours of the morning

frank sinatra-classic sinatra

frank sinatra-come fly with me

frank sinatra-swingin session

frank sinatra-sinatras sinatra

frank sinatra-it might as well be swing

frank sinatra-with antonio carlos jobim

frank sinatra-point of no return

frank sinatra-the capitol years

frank sinatra-the best of the columbia years

frank sinatra-sinatra basie

frank sinatra-close to you

frank sinatra-strangers in the night

frank sinatra-whwere are you?

frank sinatra-ol' blue eyes is back

frank sinatra-swinging affair

frank sinatra-songs for young lovers

frank sinatra-the best of the capital years

frank sinatra-sings the select sammy cahn

frank sinatra-sings the select johnny mercer

frank sinatra-sings the select rodgers and hart

frank sinatra-the capitol collector series

frank sinatra-trilogy-the past, present, and the future

frank sinatra-ring a ding ding

frank sinatra-nice and easy

frank sinatra-come dance with me

frank sinatra-sinatra at the sands

frank sinatra-sinatra and strings

frank sinatra-academy award winners

frank sinatra-the main event

frank sinatra-duets

frank sinatra-duets II

frank sinatra-watertown

frank sinatra-volume 1

frank sinatra-classic duets

frank sinatra-the very good years

frank sinatra-everything happens to me

frank sinatra-sinatra and sextet live in paris

frank sinatra-moonlight sinatra

frank sinatra-16 most requested songs

frank sinatra-50 famous songs from the movies

frank sinatra-as time goes by

frank sinatra-i remember tommy

frank sinatra-a jolly christmas from frank sinatra

frank sinatra-the reprise collection

the sixth man-soundtrack

sinister-mobbin for life

sir mix a lot-seminar

sir mix a lot-daddy's home

skee lo-i wish

skeleton crew-gudder tracks


slick rick-the rulers back

slick rick-the art of storytelling

slick rick-behind bars

slick rick-the great adventures of slick rick

sly and the family stone-greatest hits

smif n wessun-wrekonize

songs in the key of x-soundtrack

souls of mischief-93 til infinity

souls assasins-v/a

soul in the hole-soundtrack

sons of mammal-the triple ep

source presents hits from the vault vol 1-v/a

sneaker pimps-tesko suicide ep

sneaker pimps-spin spin sugar

sneaker pimps-becoming x

snoop doggy dogg-doggystyle

solesides-greatest bumps


spearhead-chocolate supa highway

special ed-revelations

bruce springsteen-greatest hits

bruce springsteen-born in the usa


squirrel nut zippers-hot

squirrel nut zippers-the inevitable

squirrel nut zippers-sold out

squirrel nut zippers-the best of.. as chronicled by shorty brown

squirrel nut zippers-christmas caravan

squirrel nut zippers-roasted right

squirrel nut zippers-perennial favorites

squirrel nut zippers-bedlam ballroom

stand by me-soundtrack

ringo starr-blast from your past

cat stevens-classics

sting-the very best of sting and the police

stolen moments-v/a

stone temple pilots-core

the straight story-soundtrack

strays cats-runaway boys 81-92

street fighter-soundtrack

street jams hip hop from the top-v/a

strength magazine presents subtext-v/a

styles of beyond-2000 fold

sublime-doing time


sublime-second hand smoke


sublime-greatest hits

sugar ray-14:59

summer of love-v/a

sunset park-soundtrack


supercat-the struggle continues

supercat-don dada

supercat-south cantral/scalp dem

supernatural-buddah bless it

sway and king tech-this or that

swing kids-soundtrack

2 mex-bboys in occupied mexico

2pac-2pacalypse now

2pac-me against the world

2pac-r u still down?

2pac-strictly 4 my n.i.g.g.a.z.

2pac-greatest hits

tags of the times 3-v/a

tag team-whoomp there it is

talib kweli and hi tek-reflective eternal

tar baby-one day i marry a human

tash-rap life

james taylor-greatest hits

tears for fears-songs from the big chair

tears for fears-20th century masters

tech nine-soul searchin

george thorogood and the destroyers-anthology

boyd tinsley-true reflections

t-love-return of the b girl

tommy v-quarter life crisis

tone loc-loc'ed after dark

tony toni tone'-sons of soul

too short-get in where you fit in

too short-short dog's in the house

too short-shorty the pimp

total devestation-total devestation

top gun-soundtrack

trapdoor foundation-state of the art state of mind

traveling wilbury's vol 1


a tribe called quest-revised quest for the seasoned traveler

a tribe called quest-the love movement

a tribe called quest-peoples instinctive travels and paths of rhythm

a tribe called quest-midnight marauders

a tribe called quest-beats, rhymes and life

a tribe called quest-the low end theory

a tribe called quest-the anthology

a tribe called quest-hits, rarities, and remixes

tuff gong tuff tracks-v/a


ub40-the very best of...

ugly duckling-fresh mode

ultimate collection hit's of the 80's-v/a

ultimate christmas-v/a

ultimate new wave-v/a

unbound project vol 1-v/a

uptown mtv unplugged-v/a


usual suspects-score

u2-the best of...

van halen-1984

van halen-best of volume 1

stevie ray vaughan-the sky is crying

stevie ray vaughan-texas flood

stevie ray vaughan-couldn't stand the weather

stevie ray vaughan-soul to soul

stevie ray vaughan-blues at sunrise

viva las vegas-v/a


volume 10-hip-hopera

tom waits-real gone

tom waits-alice

tom waits-rain dogs

tom waits-swordfish trombones

warren g-regulate

war-the best of and more

we came from beyond-v/a

wedding singer-soundtrack

katherine whalen-jazz squad

white men can't rap-soundtrack

hank williams-timeless

hank williams III-lovesick, broke and drifitin

saul williams-amethyst rock star

tim wilson-hillbilly homeboy

tim wilson-gettin my mind right

tim wilson-i should've married my father in law

bill withers-greatest hits

wu tan clan-wu tang forever

wu tang clan-enter the 36 chambers

wu tang clan-the w

x clan-xodus


x files the album-soundtrack

xzibit-at the speed oif life

xzibit-40 dayz and 40 nightz

weird al yankovich-running with scissors

young mc-stone cold rhymin

zapp and roger-greatest hits


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