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New Will Smith Album coming: Dance in your Darkest Moments

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Well we have had nothing on that Will Smith phone number for a month so I am a little confused.. I'm hoping we find out more when Will starts promoting Bad Boys 4!

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On 4/17/2024 at 5:43 AM, Hero1 said:

Looks like we have a new Will Smith album coming called, "Dance in your Darkest Moments."

Omar who does Will's music is using the hashtag #danceinyourdarkestmoments , Will has a new phone number you can sign up to get updates, similar to the old JJFP hotline which will probably alert you to the drop. image.png.e5b3504f7f5e8fce5c1c1804ea859393.png<- Also Will has changed his Instagram profile to this pic - which has also been updated in WIll's Spotify. Also Joyner Lucas has been talking about the music Will has been doing saying he's been sitting on it waiting for the right temperature to release it and for all of Will's people to be on board. Looks like things have been set in motion. I suspect it will be released close to Bad Boys 4 coming out.

How does one find this phone number?

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9 hours ago, Hero1 said:

Light em up has me seriously hyped for this album!

Same! I feel like this is a short teaser for the album. If this is what the album will be like we're in for something great!

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