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charlie mack references!


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was there a greater bodyguard than charlie? its funny seeing will without him there.. and who would ever mess with charlie? some cmack reference highlights.. all the skits on big willie style..his appearance in the miami video.. "charlie mack got my back" ... "charlie mack (1st out the limo)" the interlude!

That's when Charlie creep through

Boy you wanna see who

Don't nobody wanna meet you

Damn here come the beef stew

My beef ain't with you (uh ah)

My beef's with Will

So C Mack

Ease back

'fore your cat get peeled

Charlie said, "Any beef with Will is

Plenty beef with me and

Whenever Charlie get mad

He step to the streets he see

The end of the story

You wonder who survived?

Get my "He's the DJ" album check track five

" and my personal fav.. his appearance in the girls video!! :bowdown::bowdown: :kekeke:

plus his apprearances on the fresh prince of bel air!! the episode when will carlton & jazz were on a road trip and charlie wanted to fight em :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Yeah, Charlie Mack and JJ+FP were close b4 the big fame hit. He waz friends with FP b4 JJ tho.' Up until about 2 years ago, Charlie Mack waz still FP's bodyguard. He just wanted 2 settle down with his family and start his own projects which are tightly knit the community.

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