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Switch...next week?


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i hope this single and album brings fp back to the game for a couple of years before he retires... cause if not? will is gonna be one of the biggest disappointments in hip hop history.

That's so retarded I wasn't even going to reply.

So if Will's next track isn't the hottest he ever made his entire past is wiped and replaced with him as a dissapointment ?

Dude.. get off the juice..

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ok guys, i have an update. I was listening to Power 106 and they had a commercial for Thurday's show (tomorrow). They didn't mention Will, so i'm guessin he might not be on this week. On Fridays Big Boy does a long mix with another DJ, so I doubt he'll be on Friday. I'll keep checking for commercials this weekend and next week. If u think about it, next week is the start of November so 'Switch' should be gettin close. I'll keep u updated. Keep this thread goin for now please.

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I havent heard anything on the radio about it :dunno: but the web site for the station is www.power106.fm I went there to see if I could find a list of up coming artists and I couldnt but I figured I would give you all the site so you could try to find some info. :thumb:

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damn looks like another non appearance..add that to the list(will on trl, jeff on trl uk etc)

well when switch finally comes out..you cant say we havent waited for it!! :ridepony: :shaketheroom:

it's not like the Station is cancelling Will's appearance. Will might be thinking of the timing for the release of the record. Will has been on Power 106 many times and is close with the DJ, Big Boy. So don't think of this as some diss to Will.

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