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Okay so, after retiring the "Lets Play" forum, i have decided (because we had so much fun) to start a new game:

In this game we write a quote from a Big Will movie and the others have to guess what movie, but its not that simple. When thinking of a line, cut half of it off, and attack it to half of the next sentence. for ex.: (i use this because it is the eaziest FP quote)

the original quote is: "You know what the diffrence is between me and you? i make this look good!"

the Game should have it as: "Between me and you? I make this"

and the person answering would have to say something like: Will Smith- MIB


1) It has to be a movie Will Smith Acted in, and was credited. (Cameos don't count)

2) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Quotes count. (although it will be real hard!!!)

3) Don't write the full quote.

4) It doesn't have to be a quote Will Smith said. It could come from anyone in a Will Smith movie.

5) IF your sure you got the right answer, post the next quote. if told it is wronge, next quote will come from the person who gets it right. (i know, thats very abvious)

6) (i hate to do this, but) If you use a quote with a curse word, sencor your self. You never know when someone might get offended. (only all major 4 letter words!)

7) Be sure the quote you put up is correct.

Good Luck, i shall start us off:

"my niece out, i want to know if he can"

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"were killed by other people!"

in the trailers it was Will Smith but when you saw the movie, his line was cut out and Lt. John Bergin played by Chi McBride was the man who said it.

now one of the best quotes ever (i said ONE of the! i wish i could put the whole thing!!!):

dysfunctional motherf**ker to bust somebody in the head like that. That's some disfunctional s**t.

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