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Sum1 may of done dis but I didnt find a topic lyk dis anyway...Im just interested in what different people r good at.

I am good at...um...writing stories

I know for a fact FuQ is a good rapper....

Mods, u can close dis if u think it is a useless topic! :thumb:

oh yeah sorry if this is in the wrong place

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My talent used to be guitar playing. non of thos boring chords, i used to play proper classical music ever since i was 8. I was really good at it (sorry to blow my own horn lol) when i took my GCSE's at school and studied it properly. Then when i went to college i didnt have much time 4 it, but continued to play. Then when i went to work i had even less time. I havnt played it since January this year (mainly bcoz of an incident with my guitar teacher), ive been meaning to pick it up again but i havnt got round to it. Its something i really miss and i dont want to forget how to do.

but now im a dancer, me kimmie and another girl Linzi started to make up dances for no reason. I have never had dance lessons in my life but i tried anyway. For the past 3 years we have done charity concerts, we dance to things like Britney, shakira and what we are mainly known for the moulin rouge. The gigs we do are getting bigger but all three of us live hectic lives and its hard to find time to practise, but nothing beats the rush of perfroming infront of a crowd of ppl, our next gig is at christmas.

Wow i wrote a lot, i must like talking about myself.

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I didn't read much of what you said willsmithfan1, only what Julie said. Simply because to be honest, I cannot be bothered wasting time trying to decipher what you write. "Sumink", what the hell is that'? Is "something" really so hard to type? To be honest, mutilation of the simplest of words is just plain annoying.

Anyway, I'm a writer. Both rhyming, and stories. :thumb:

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Im a pretty multi~talented/ artistic person...

I write, sing, dance, (well kinda stiff now tho LOL) :kekeke: but Ill get it back 2getha..., draw, paint, do huRR, (hair pplz!) LOL... talented at being a mom, that FUSSES all da tyme LOL...

but if I had to choose one particular talent and stick with it, it would be hard....id say, be a local night club jazz singer in my city, (no travelling, no hollywood etc), and render portraits during the day... that would be the life!!! :thumb:



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