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I just had a few minutes and was poking around the board.  Recent pages are mostly filled with posts and comments by the same very few people, which is a underwhelming, but I was randomly searching certain topics and browsing various posts, mostly from the 2000's.  Those posts felt like a safety blanket....and unaged part of the internet that just feels good.  I made me miss seeing a lot of former posters. 

As I clicked on Online Users, I found it interesting that there were 16 other users on the board. One supposedly logging in, one registering, one looking at a user profile that hasn't been accessed in years, and various posts that probably showed up in a search engine. 

I just want to thank you all for those good memories.  I hope we collaborate on some future posts like the old days. 

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Yeah I sometimes do the same thing. Search and read old posts and topics. This board has always been like a second home to me. I started posting here when I was still in high school. I’m 35 years old now and have a daughter now. Crazy how time flies.

I check the board daily and try to post as much as I can. It’s just not the same. No new music, not much news.

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Yeah at least the forum remains as a memory of happy times. I started this site when I was 16 and now I'm 41! Looks like Will has given up on releasing any of the music he has made in the last 16 years... and he's made a lot.

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6 hours ago, Hero1 said:

 Looks like Will has given up on releasing any of the music he has made in the last 16 years... and he's made a lot.

I wonder if we will ever hear those songs... like a “Lost Tapes” kind of album like Nas did.

I miss the old days of reading all the new posts on here. I remember checking this board even when I was on holiday. Tried to go to an internet-cafe or a library just to log in and read all the latest news. How times have changed.

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I came on this board everyday from the lost and found era all the way up until i took a bit of a break after my pops passed in late 2016 from his 10 year battle of dementia (i think that introducing him to old school hip hop helped him extend his life to 82 years old when he finally passed i really wanted him to meet will and jeff just to thank them on the impact they make on all our lives) and trump was elected that was the darkest moment of my life, playing jjfp and the classic hip hop has kept my life going throughout my life's struggles i lost my closest uncle skip in feb 2020 right before covid came, then over the last year with being on locked down in this covid era i've been bumping the classics, checking the board more, watching the jeff lunch breaks on social media, reflecting on my life, and i must of recorded like 100+ songs on youtube (search my name GRACIA MILLER and you'll find me) i'm praying that when all this crap is over especially after justice for george floyd after that vicious incident maybe the world will be a better place for our future generation and i'll tour the world with jjfp and all the legends before my time is up on this earth i've been thinking about my legacy at 36 years old now especially after we lose 3 hip hop greats this month(dmx, black rob, shock g), JAZZY JEFF FRESH PRINCE REAL HIP HOP FOREVER BLESSINGS

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