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'Emancipation' - Antoine Fuqua & Will Smith Runaway Slave Thriller


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Apple Wins ‘Emancipation’; Will Smith’s Westbrook Relationship With Toppers Zack Van Amburg & Jamie Erlicht At Sony Helped Seal Festival Record Pre-Buy


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There are still a few significant contenders yet to debut, like Damien Chazelle’s glitzy Hollywood drama “Babylon,” and the industry is buzzing that Apple will soon announce a year-end release for its big-budget slavery drama, “Emancipation,” even though the film’s leading man, Will Smith, was banned from attending the Oscars for the next decade.

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From the Deadline piece: 

While the press is already scrutinizing what Apple will do with the film and whether Smith’s controversy will hobble what might have been a prohibitive Oscar favorite, sources said Apple will release the film in early December.

As for Smith, real movie stars are rare. While their fortunes can ebb and flow, the top ones have a way of coming back, especially when the movie is good and this is said to be a career high point for Fuqua. This side of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, none has been more successful over the past two decades on a global scale than Smith.

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The one thing I'm worried about is that it sounds like it might be Will's best and most important movie to date ... but beacause of everything going on with him Apple might want to dump it in a dead season like January or sth and it will be quickly forgotten.
I don't think they would do that (it's too hihg profile and they poured too much money into it) but I am a little worried.

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