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This article is from August, how did I miss it?!


De La Soul’s Next Mixtape Is Produced Entirely By DJ Premier & Pete Rock


In March, De La Soul hipped Heads to the fact that Smell The Da.I.S.Y , their mixtape which featured strictly J. Dilla beats, was only the beginning, as far as 2014 is concerned. Posdnous, Dave, and Maseo are hard at work on the group’s eighth studio album, rumored to be called You’re Welcome.


However, De La is loving the free-form of mixtapes. In an interview yesterday (August 4) with XXL magazine, De La revealed that their next tape is a benchmark union with two late ’80s New York Hip-Hop peers: Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

“Right now we’re just accumulating beats,” Dave explained to the New York-based magazine, citing that recording will begin in September. “[DJ Premier and Pete Rock] have been sending us beats. No real idea of what the theme is gonna be, the theme behind the title (Premiem Soul On The Rocks [sic]), what that’s gonna be, if it’s gonna be skits, if it’s gonna be songs, remakes, whatever it is. Right now we’ve just been accumulating beats and waiting for Premier to handle some stuff as well.”

With these group’s never working extensively together (Premier and Pete Rock are planning their own album), how do you think this will sound?

Read XXL’s full De La Soul article, with additional album information.

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i had no idea either man, gonna look out for this!

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Looking beyond the next mixtape, De La now has a kickstarter for their next record...

De La Soul Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Forthcoming, Self-Sampling Record

De La Soul Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Forthcoming, Self-Sampling Record

Hip-hop’s holy grail doesn’t typically need any assistance in putting funds together for a new release. Unless, of course, you happen to be De La Soul, who have been in and out of courts over the years fighting for their samples and paying tooth and nail to clear them. Today, the Native Tongue heroes have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their next record to life; an ambitious Adrian Younge- styled production effort in which the crew intends to sample themselves and feature a dynamic set of guests, including Little Dragon, David Byrne, Damon Albarn, and 2 Chainz to name a few. Their campaign video explains that they have recorded an exclusive jam session with the helping hands of the aforementioned and are enlisting in their legion of devoted fans to help breathe some air into the project, so that we may hear the fruits of their labor. The record will serve as the official follow-up to their J Dilla-inspired and sampled Smell the Da.I.S.Y. mixtape, which was a donut-lover’s dream come true. You can hit the link below to donate to the cause, watch their promotional clip and learn about the myriad incentives they’ve provided for you to do so, including USBs full of content, vinyl pressing of the record and a whole lot more.

>>>Donate To De La Soul’s Kickstarter Campaign

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Have you donated yet?  Time is running out!!


De La Soul Defends Kickstarter Album: “This Is Not About Pocketing Money”

Last week, De La Soul released “God It,” the Nas-assisted, presumed first single from their upcoming eighth studio album, reportedly called, And The Anonymous Nobody. For Hip-Hop fans, this is a benchmark album before Heads press play, due to the fact it is the largest crowd-funded album in the Rap genre to date.

One month ago, the Long Island, New York Hip-Hop trio offered fans an array of thank-you gifts and packages, aiming to raise $110,000 for the LP. Astonishingly, it took only nine hours to reach the goal, with the Native Tongues co-founders now approaching $500,000 in funds from fans. The costs of the album are associated with a nostalgic analog recording studio and materials, along with mechanical royalties for the 26-year veterans to sample their own past catalog, much of which is on their former label, Tommy Boy Records.

Speaking with Vlad TV, the trio defended their practice in asking fans for dollars. All three De La Soul members (Posdnous, Maseo, Dave) spoke candidly, in addressing perceptions that they are either broke, or wealthy artists asking loyal fans for even more than usual.

The trio never addresses their thank-you gifts (including memorabilia, tour passes, and extensive interactions with fans). Instead, the Da.I.S.Y. crew wave off notions that “Kickstarter is the new Koch” (as presented by DJ Vlad). They explain that they are over-stepping labels, and simply serving their base, with the kind of music and relationship that all artists dream of.

At the 10:00 mark, Dave accuses the music industry’s decline as “cheap people, and free music” (something he also addressed on “God It”). The MC formerly known as Trugoy also adds that if De La were stingy, why did they give away their music for free last year? At 12:00, Maseo breaks some more news on that, alluding to the possibility that De La Soul was sued by their former label(s). “The server cracks and then you get a letter from a lawyer.”

As groups like Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, and N.W.A. have gone on hiatus due—in part—to label woes, is crowd-funding the wave of the future to break out the “slavery” system (as Dave calls it), and work directly with the fans who made them stars?

Should De La have to defend themselves, when the numbers/results show the response?

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Here's a letter the fellas sent everyone who donated to their Kickstarter....




Posted by De La Soul

What’s up y’all. The journey we’ve been on to complete this album has been absolutely amazing. We’re in the home stretch of completing the recording portion, that’s laying down vocals, overdubbing instruments and arranging things exactly how we'd like them. After this process is complete, which will be in the next couple of weeks, we'll begin mixing. Mixing is were we take all the individual parts/sounds and tracks of a song, EQ, tweak and blend them together to create audio perfection. We're thrilled to have Bob Power (who's mixed albums for De La, Tribe, D'Angelo, Common and many others) at the helm of the mixing board. This album is going to SOUND amazing!! In the process and after that stage, we’ll still have more things to complete in order to get this music to you. Here’s a complete list:

  • Master recordings 
  • Legal 
  • Distribution 
  • Create packaging 
  • Marketing 
  • Fulfillment 
  • Release 

As we get to each step we’ll explain the process.

In-between making all this stuff happen, we’re still performing all over the world. Check the dates and if we’re in your town come through.

Show Dates:


We’ll be sending out all the surveys in August to get the info we need for fulfillment. Stay tuned.



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De La Soul were added to the bill of a festival i went to this past weekend in Sheffield. Unfortunately i had to get home before they played.

I saw them back in '08 and need to again soon. They are regularly touring the UK so i have no excuses.

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Here's an update they sent to those who supported their Kickstarter...

I Am, I Be...

Posted by De La Soul

Hello Fellow Humans, 

Well... we're working hard to get this album sounding right for your vents to receive. Please accept our apologies for the delay in updates.

Great news!! We've recruited more amazing talents and we're happy to announce that we now have Usher, Pete Rock, Roc Marciano, Estelle and Snoop Dogg on the album. Can't wait for you to hear these collaborations!!

The work to complete this album has increased, but progress is still in forward motion. For your viewing enjoyment, here's some footage of Bob Power, getting some of these mixes underway. Now, let us get back to work...




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An update from De La Soul...

Wassup folks!

The checklist is shrinking and we're finally getting a glimpse of the finish line. It's obvious that we won't make our targeted September due date, but you can't rush the art. We're digging deep and exhausting every creative possibility we can to make music that'll be worth the wait.

Album update: We recently had the Kickstarter backer, Dave Goldblatt, come in to record a skit for the album, and of course we have footage to share. We think his experience in front of a mic really helped for a great performance. Check out the clip of us in ATL, hanging out and getting the work done. The album is 98% recorded. Mixing is in process... Mastering and manufacturing will be next and the then BAM, you'll receive it. Thank you for your continued patience and continued support... now t's back on the grind.



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New track with Snoop:



Album out on August 26, 2016:



01. Genesis (Intro) f. Jill Scott
02. Royalty Capes
03. Pain f. Snoop Dogg
04. Property Of Spitkicker.com f. Roc Marciano
05. memory Of... (US) f. Estelle & Pete Rock
06. Cbgbs
07. Lord Intended f. Justin Hawkins
08. Snoopies f. David Byrne
09. Greyhounds f. Usher
10. Sexy B*tch
11. Trainwreck
12. Drawn f. Little Dragon
13. Whoodeeni f. 2 Chainz
14. Nosed Up
15. You Go Dave (A Goldblatt Presentation)
16. Here In After f. Damon Albarn
17. Exodus (Outro)
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album dropped today, i been playing it on youtube,  de la dropping fire as usual, i will definately get the CD, REAL MUSIC IS BACK!

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Awaiting to pick this up from my local HMV. Just need to get into town. De La are in my top 3 Hip Hop acts of all time. So great to have them back properly.

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it's in my top 5 hip hop albums since 2005 already, I haven't played an album like this in awhile, btw here are my 5 favorites since then to give y'all an idea:

Will Smith "Lost and Found"

LL Cool J "Exit 13"

De La Soul :,,and The Anonomyus Nobody"

Common "BE"

KRS One and Marley Marl "Hip Hop Lives"

Honorable Mentions: Public Enemy "Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamps", LL Cool J "Authentic", Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead"

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