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I rarely listen to reviews. If fans come out of the cinema and say it's bad, then I'm worried, until then, I still think this is Will's "comeback". 

Also listening to what Will says about Trump is amazing. He must feel passionate about it because he rarely slags anyone off. 

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Saw it yesterday. Like with 98% of all Hollywood movies the first half hour is really good before it turns into this painful, boring mess that really force you into complete apathy regarding the story and the characters. Its bad, its been done before and there is no way of judging Will's performance since the script is ****.

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Better reviews have picked up a little now, and for the most part my friends opinions of it when seeing it have been positive.

I am going to go see this on Sunday. Think its the first Will Smith film i've been cinema to watch since MIB3

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I for one enjoyed the movie! I never let the critics determine whether I go see a film or not. After all, it's just another persons opinion. I'd rather make my own decision as to whether a movies good or bad.

i agree there were moments where the pace couple have been picked up but overall it was a very solid enjoyable film.

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