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Jeff's European Fall tour 2014


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So by now, y'all are bored of my show reviews as its about the 11th or 12th time i've been to a Jeff show. I'll keep this one short.

Me and my friends who went were among the oldest cats in the club, so Jeff played a mostly modern set. It was still enjoyable to hear in the mix though, and shows Jeff's versatility to play to a different crowd. Dayne Jordan kept the MC'ing to a minimum to allow the focus to e on Jeff, but did spit a few great verses. It was great talking to him and i let him know he's building up a good rep on this forum of the stuff we have heard from him and Jeff so far.

I spoke to Jeff about when an album is dropping. He said they have more than enough material already but ideas keep flowing and recordings keep happening. In fact they were recording some stuff in their hotel today.

It's unclear whether or not Skillz is done with the world touring with Jeff now. I think the door is open for him to return but he's doing his own DJ shows at the moment so i guess its all about timing.

Once again a very fun night, and i always appreciate a return to the city i used to live in.

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thanks for the review kev, sounds like a great time!

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Thanks Kev.. I think it's probably time for Skillz to retire from those tours.. Good to hear Dayne is largely letting Jeff do his thing.. my fav emcee with Jeff was actually Pauly Yams he let Jeff do the talking with the records and only jumped on the mic when it was neccessary.. this was back when Jeff used real vinyl and spun for 3 hours!

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