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Big Ted's Top 15 Hip Hop Albums Since 2000


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to bring more life to this dying forum i decided to make a special playlist of all the 2000s classics of hip hop:


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no feedback on my playlist?

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i found another list that sparks convo of millenium hip hop and showing some classics in recent years, although i disagree with k lamar's album being no 1, it's about top 50:


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Thanx for this list. I own a lot of these albums. I can't say I agree with the order of the list and some of the albums I would definitely leave out.

I can see how people think the 90's are the golden ages of Hip Hop but I grew up listening to Hip Hop in 2000's and late 90's so I can relate to those albums more. Albums like Big Willie Style, Willennium, Stillmatic, The Blueprint, The Black Album, Hell Hath No Fury, Food & Liquor, Train Of Thought, The Marshall Mathers LP, Be... are the albums I grew up with and bring me back to my teenage years. I still listen to them these days.

I can appreciate some of the albums that dropped in last 3 to 5 years. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, My Name Is My Name, These Things Happen, Yeezus, Watch The Throne... are among my favorites. 

One thing I can't understand is why people keep talking about "To Pimp A Butterfly". Sure, the album is good but is it better than Good Kid, M.A.A.D City? I don't think so. Is it the best album of the millennium? Not in my opinion. 

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rappers like Nas, Jay, 50, and Common definately put out solid albums in the 2000s and might have some sentimental reasons for me since I graduated high school in 2003 but I still consider hip hop from the 1980s and 1990s the golden era, now the favorite albums of mine in the last 5 years are from legends like LL Cool J(Authentic), Public Enemy(Most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamp), KRS One(the bdp album), Nas (Life Is Good), Dr. Dre(Compton), and DMX(Undisputed), i also like that Busta/QTip mixtape,I'd rank most of those albums from the legends better than Kendrick Lamar and what anyone has put out recently, although I think Game put out a solid album in 2011 in RED album and the Documentary 2 was solid in 2015 as well, he's a modern day 2000s legend to me but on the most part these new rappers can't carry the torch as Busta would say....

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a revised list adding a handful of recent albums:

Will Smith Willennium (2000)
Dr Dre Chronic 2001 (2000)
DMX And Then There Wax X...(2000)
LL Cool J GOAT (2000)
BB Jay Universal Concussion (2000)
Notorious BIG Born Again (2000)
Lil Kim Notorious KIM (2000)
Common Like Water For Chocolate (2000)
De La Soul AOI (2000)
Big Pun Yeahh Baby (2000)
DMX The Great Depression (2001)
Fat Joe JOSE (2001)
Nas Stillmatic (2001)
Foxy Brown Broken Silence (2001)
2Pac Until The End Of Time (2001)
Busta Rhymes Genesis (2001)
Pep Love Ascension (2001)
Jay Z/R Kelly Best Of Both Worlds (2001)
LL Cool J 10 (2002)
Eve Eve-O-lution (2002)
Wyclef Jean Masquerade (2002)
Snoop Dogg Paid Da Cost Da Be Da Bo$$ (2002)
Public Enemy Revololution (2002)
DJ Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent (2002)
KRS One Spiritual Minded(2002)
Nas God's Son (2002)
Ja Rule The Last Temptation (2002)
Will Smith Born To Reign (2002)
8 Mile Soundtrack (2002)
Eminem Eminem Show (2002)
Talib Kweli Quality (2002)
50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin (2003)
Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below (2003)
KRS One Kristyles (2003)
Jay Z The Black Album (2003)
Kanye West College Dropout (2004)
Talib Kweli The Beautiful Struggle (2004)
Nas Street's Disciple (2004)
Snoop Dogg Rhythm & Gangsta (2004)
Beastie Boys 5 Boroughs (2004)
LL Cool J The Definition (2004)
Ja Rule RULE (2004)
Will Smith Lost & Found (2005)
Common BE (2005)
Game The Documentary (2005)
Kanye West Last Registration (2005)
LL Cool J Todd Smith (2006)
MC Hammer Look Look Look (2006)
Jay Z Kingdom Come (2006)
Ice Cube Laugh Now Cry Later (2006)
Busta Rhymes The Big Bang (2006)
DMX The Year Of The Dog...Again (2006)
TI King (2006)
Ludacris Release Therapy (2006)
Nas Hip Hop Is Dead (2006)
Fat Joe Me, Myself, and I (2006)
Method Man 4:21 The Day After (2006)
Kel Spencer Who Is Kel Spencer? (2006)
Game Doctor's Advocate (2006)
Snoop Dogg The Blue Carpet Treatment (2006)
KRS One/Marley Marl Hip Hop Lives (2007)
DJ Jazzy Jeff The Return Of The Magnificent (2007)
Chamillionaire Ultimate Victory (2007)
Wyclef Jean Carnival II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant (2007)
Public Enemy How To Sell Soul To Souless People  (2007)
Ice Cube Raw Footage (2008)
Nas Untitled (2008)
LL Cool J Exit 13 (2008)
Game LAX (2008)
TI Paper Trail (2008)
KRS One/Buckshot Survival Skills (2009)
Busta Rhymes Back On My BS (2009)
Jay Z Blueprint 3 (2009)
Eminem Recovery (2010)
Ice Cube I Am The West (2010)
BOB Presents The Adventures Of Bobby Ray(2010)
Wyclef Jean If I Were President, My Haitain Experience (2010)
Game The Red Room (2010)
KRS One Metahistorical (2010)
Nas/Damian Marley Distant Relatives (2010)
Nelly 5.0 (2010)
Ludacris/Shawana Battle Of The Sexes (2011)
Game The Red Album (2011)
J Cole Cole World, The Sideline Story (2011)
Public Enemy Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamps (2012)
KRS One The BDP Album (2012)
DMX Undisputed (2012)
Nas Life Is Good (2012)
Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, Madd City (2012)
Game Jesus Piece (2012)
Public Enemy The Evil Empire Of Everything (2012)
B.O.B. Strange Clouds (2012)
LL Cool J Authentic (2013)
Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)
KRS One Never Forget (2013)
Kel Spencer #LDWUD Vol. 1 (2014)
Lecrae Anomoly (2014)
Dr Dre Compton (2015)
The Game Documentary 2+2.5 (2015)
Snoop Dogg Bush (2015)
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly (2015)
Dayne Jordan Memoirs Of Dayne Jordan (2015)
DMX Redemption Of A Beast (2015)
KRS One Now Hear This (2016)
De La Soul And The Anonoymous Nobody (2016)
Common Black America Again (2016)
A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service (2016)
Chance The Rapper Coloring Book (2016)
Bell Biv Devoe Three Stripes (2017)
Wyclef Jean J'ouvert (2017)
Fat Joe/Remy Ma Plata o Plomo (2017)
Edited by bigted
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No Order:

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)


Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) - H.N.I.C. (2000)


Jay-Z - The Blueprint (2001)


Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers (2002)


Lil' Flip - Undaground Legend (2002)


Non Phixion - The Future Is Now (2002)


Reflection Eternal - Train Of Thought (2000)


Scarface - The Fix (2002)


Paris - Sonic Jihad (2003)


Trae - Losing Composure (2003)


Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer (2004)


The Alchemist - 1st Infantry (2004)


BabyBlue - My Life's Prayer (2005)


The Game - The Documentary (2005)


Mitchy Slick - Urban Survival Syndrome (2006)


KiD CuDi - Man On The Moon: The End Of Day (2009)


Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)


Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told (2011)


UGK - Underground Kingz (2007)


Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, Maad City (2012)


J. Cole - Born Sinner (2013)


A$AP Rocky - Long.Live.A$AP (2013)


Dead Prez - Lets Get Free (2000)


Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (2014)


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata (2014)


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i like some of your choices but a lot of them are typical to what everyone else picks and you claim that rappers like ll cool j and krs one fell off and wyclef's new album is wack but they all put out classics in this millenium compared to majority of what's out, i also those like kendrick lamar and j cole compared to most today but i still rather listen to will's born to reign more than any of their albums even...

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Maybe other people would pick a lot of them too because they're good... but you can still listen to "Underground Classics" like "Eve-O-Lution", "5.0", "The Last Temptation", "Battle Of The Sexes" or "Strange Clouds"... albums that most people never heard of until you enlightened them! 

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well maybe ja rule, eve, nelly, bob, and ludacris aren't underground but let's be real neither is jay z, game, eminem, kendrick lamar, kanye west, and j cole, let's just drop this debate because we all like some mainstream stuff considering we agree we're JJFP fans who are pioneers of mainstream rap...

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1 hour ago, bigted said:

well maybe ja rule, eve, nelly, bob, and ludacris aren't underground but let's be real neither is jay z, game, eminem, kendrick lamar, kanye west, and j cole, let's just drop this debate because we all like some mainstream stuff considering we agree we're JJFP fans who are pioneers of mainstream rap...

Yeah sure, it's right what you say about JJFP and other rappers like Eminem, Kanye, Game or Jay-Z which sold millions of albums... of course they are mainstream! It's not like every popular album is bad but I just didn't get some choices you made on your list and probably never will... the albums I mentioned above for example! How is an album like "5.0" a modern classic without even mentioning "Country Grammar" and so on... maybe I just have to accept that we will never be in complete agreement.


But hey, at least there is some discussion in the forum, lol.

Edited by 10th Prince
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i'm waiting on some of the old JJFP heads like Tim, AJ, Brakes, and Jim to still get in on discussion, btw I like Nelly's more recent stuff more than his earlier stuff which was popular but I thought some of the songs like " country grammar" got too much play, i know i go against the grain with some of my selections but this is my list and i'm gonna stick to it, looking forward to more discussion...

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Like I said, the problem is not the popularity of an album or artist... I just took Nelly for an example! "5.0" is just a random Pop-Rap album to me... just take a look at the featured artists: Chris Brown, T-Pain, Akon, Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson... that's just mad predictable! Sure "Country Grammar" was way more successfull and maybe some tracks get played too much, so it may be hard to listen to them nowadays, but it just had it's own style... musically it was just better and way more interesting than his recent stuff imo. I would say the same thing about other albums/artists you posted too... but my intention is not to tell you to change your list. I just want to explain why I have a different opinion and why I don't understand some of your choices. But I have to agree, it would be interesting to hear some other opinions.

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well the origin of this thread was my point that there's still quality music out these days, sure it might not be the golden era but hip hop is not dead, let's appreciate what we do have, and btw if the legends got the support they deserve of their recent releases hip hop would be in better shape as well

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