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Will Smith rapping on the set of 'Focus'!


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It is depressing... There is absolutely no one that springs to mind who I recall spitting the same rap for 8 years running... I mean thisbos Fresh Prince... Every time his raps in Punic someone is gonna record it and post it online.. Does he not think the same people will see these videos??

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It's not a new rap, but at least he's rapping. And it's just the set of a movie. If he had a new rap he would choose a better place to show it, like a TV show, radio interview, etc.
But yeah, I know what you mean, guys. It would be great to hear a new one. It will come.
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What about that freestyle he dropped in Russia? I am pretty sure it was something new and yet nobody is talking about it...

That freestyle wasn't new either. It was the one he peformed over the 'Lean Back' beat on Tim Westwood in 2005. Lyrics are here:


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there's mixed feelings here, any site of will on the mic is a good thing to me but like everyone else I want something new

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