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Don't Hate Him Freestyle/Unreleased Track

Observe, it's the brick, the impervious one
Sick with the verbs he has done
Quickly, what it takes some a lifetime to do
Write rhymes, then into
The bright lights of hollywood (ugh huh)
Son from the slum to the red carpet
Now he's feet up chewing gum in the head office
With his air-force ones on the phone talking
Son's flick number one again, crumms hawking
Give me ten feet, rolling ten deep in the rolls
And ten Jeep's with a soulmate, grinnin' when he speaks and
Many women think of sinnin' when he creeps in
Again and again, he winnin' openin' weekend
Cream linen with the top down, don't hate him
Don't be mad cuss your girlfriend wanne date him
Don't be mad cuss your mother wished she would have made him
Above you and your crew is where they both rate him
Many many times, many many rhymes
Been on many many stages, many many pages
From plenty women, they wanne get a minute of ma
Good brains a minimum, love a lil venom in em
Yo, i have gotta rock, no mather how my movies pop
So just give me the mic, cuss i won't stop
And i'm a promose to god to keeps it hot

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