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JJFP NBA Fantasy 2013-14?


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It's only about a week until the NBA season so are we gonna do a fantasy league again? I'll be down to do one if y'all are interested

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We usually do the Yahoo or ESPN league, I could start up a league but we gotta figure out how many people are gonna do it

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It says on the right when the draft is. There should be a countdown. Not sure what time it is in London but its saturday night. It's a good idea to do a mock draft before our draft to see how it works. To do a mock draft go to: Draft Central>Mock Drafts in the menu and join one.

Mock Drafts: It's Fast, Easy, and Fun!
  • A mock draft is identical to a real draft ...but without the consequences.
  • Fine tune your skills from different draft positions and league styles.
  • Draft as many times as you like and have the results sent to you.
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i got a lot of proven hall of famers in my draft, i'm looking forward to trading kobe bryant for derrick rose, they're both coming off injuries and should have good years but i would rather have derrick rose since he's a chicago bull, i got kirk hinrich and mike dunleavy as my other bull players

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