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Whats Everyones Take on Holograms?

Big Ben

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Funny this has just been brought up. I saw Cirque Du Solei's MJ One in Vegas a week ago, it had a Michael Jackson hologram in it. It was awesome, probably the best part of the whole show, however it wasnt actual MJ, it was a look a like. I heard the company that made the 2pac hologram spent so much money on it they went bust., so its not really possible to do a proper hologram again at this time.

Its ok now and again but i agree the novelty will wear off.

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Not so sure that it will wear off completely. I mean, we are used to thinking about hologram as a technology that doesnt really work that well, but it was way ahead of its time when it was introduced as a concept. Today we should be getting really close to use it in cool ways though its still too costly. I dont think it will disappear completely off the charts like it did in the 70s and 80s though.

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I think it worked in the sense of the 2 pac rendition at that Snoop and Dre show. Was just a cameo role so the novelty didn't wear off. But to start doing entire concerts with them just wouldn't hold the same appeal to me.

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