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So Jeff did another great show last night. It was good to catch up with everyone and weird to have Kev, Brakes and Tim all in the same room. Jeff did a lot more of his old school hip hop this time, so it was completely different from the Jazz cafe. He mixed in a lot of modern stuff and i loved it when he put something obscure like Phil Collins in. The crowd was going mental, we were right at the front but i would just turn around sometimes to see the whole room jumping. Only negative thing was the set up of Plan B wasnt as good as the Jazz cafe because Skillz was just squished against a wall and couldnt move around like he would on stage. We could see Jeff up close though and see what he was doing which was amazing as usual.

We didnt really get to catch up with Jeff afterwards, he was busy signing t shirts but we had a quick chat with Skillz and a few others. However as we speak i think the others are just finishing lunch with them, which sucks for me, but amazing for them. I cant wait to see the interview they have for him. Hopefully they will get some good gossip.

Anyway, thats another show done, now just need to wait until Spring haha.

The others have a few group shots of our little JJFP gang.

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Great chatting with you today Nicole and once again thanks for all your help!! It's been an amazing 2 days! Certainly some more highlights this time around! The interview looked great and I think at one point there were four video cameras on the go!

Chilling in Jeff's hotel room was so surreal.. Tim, Kev and I were chatting with Jeff about all things music related and he even let us hear some exclusives from an upcoming release next year (You are all in for a treat...classic Jeff)

. I even brought Caleb down to meet Jeff and he took it in his stride! He didn't want a picture with Jeff but wanted to play on my iPhone instead! I told him he'd regret that in 20 years! All in all a memorable couple of days! Great set, great people, great memories. JJFP.COM REPRESENT!!

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Yeah it was a really good afternoon. Nicole, thank Jeff for taking the time to meet us. I know these tours are such a hectic schedule and time off is rare so it's really appreciated. I think the interview turned out really well so big ups to Kev for organising that. When I think back to 10 or 12 years ago I never would have imagined I'd get to hang with brakes, Kev & Julie and see Jeff. We've truly become a little JJFP family and I'll never forget these memories.

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