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Day Out At MTV


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I just got back yesterday, a friend of mine won an MTV comp and he took me as his guest

we got to spend the day at the studios with Girls Aloud

you may not like their music (i thinks it's ok sometimes) but they can actually sing, i witnessed it myself.
Plus they most of them are extremely lovely looking ladies !! :thumb:

anyway we got to be in the audience for a question & answer session and also a the performances so you'll be seeing me on MTV in november
I had no idea how long tv shows like this took to make they did each song 4 times straight after each other to get the different camera angles etc and they did six songs

It was a great day MTV paid for the travel down had cars pick us up, they paid for the hotel and gave us food/drink all day for free !!
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Well i enjoyed the day - since nobody replied although the non english will probably not of heard of them
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It will be in November, but it all depends when there new album is out, it will be shown as a promotion for it

And i didn't know all about their album we were told it all there :music:

they performed some exclusive tracks of it i actually quite like one :dunno:

they do this amazing bond type interlude of their debut single i couldn't help but like it :dance: :help:
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