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Over-analyzing Summertime

fan 4ever

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Source: http://underscoopfire.com/over-analyzing-dj-jazzy-jeff-the-fresh-princes-summertime/

Don't know if this has been posted yet!


Some songs are timeless.

Other songs may not quite stand the test of time as well, but they still have that magical ability to instantly take you back to a moment or time frame of your life. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” fits into both of these categories.
Released in May of 1991, “Summertime” perfectly captured the excitement and anticipation that comes with that time of year and captivated the imaginations of the listeners. Every May, school students of all ages begin the short countdown to summer vacation and start to map out their forthcoming freedom. 1991 was no different, and the fact that MTV still played music videos all day everyday helped this track quickly take root in the hopeful minds of America’s youths.
We all wanted our summer vacations to be as cool as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s.
From the album Homebase, the song only spent one week at #1 on the Billboard charts, but it was on our minds and our radios all summer long. From “Drums, please!”, it had such an infectious opening that from the second it begins playing you are hopelessly hooked, and when the song ends it seems like it had only been playing for a few seconds. Go ahead, relive the magic:

To this day, “Summertime” is a song that I rarely call to mind; but when I happen upon it, it comes with an instant smile and mood change. I heard it today (by wonderful accident) and decided it was time to revisit this wonderful romp through a summer day in the life of Jeffrey Townes and Will Smith. The only caveat – we analyze the **** out of every lyric.
Here we go:


Summer summer summertime

time to sit back and unwind

OK, they set the agenda right off the bat. I like that. Nothing worse than a song that takes forever to get to the point (lookin’ at you, Coldplay). If I wanna have to think, I’ll watch a Spanish soap opera on mute. When I’m mindlessly driving I want my song meanings spoon fed to me. Even Adele is too much work sometimes. What’s the rumor? Hurry up and make with the goods woman. Don’t hook me with the promise of a ‘rumor’ and then string me along for 4 minutes.

Here it is, a groove slightly transformed

just a bit of a break from the norm

Excellent. They really are serving this thing up on a silver platter. Before I wade knee deep into this song I am armed with the knowledge that it can be classified as a ‘groove’, so if I’m not in the mood, I can check out before investing any more precious time. It’s like this song has a 4 second teaser trailer. Every song should have one.

just a little somethin’ to break the monotony

of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be

a little bit out of control, it’s cool to dance

but what about a groove that soothes, that moves, romance?

give me a soft subtle mix

and if ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about keeping things fresh, shakin’ it up a little – but personally I wasn’t aware of the developing situation with hardcore dance. I had no idea it was getting out of control, or that monotony had set in as a result. I’m certainly glad the Fresh Prince is keeping an eye on the situation and swooping in to rescue us with slightly transformed grooves before we reach a crisis point.

and think of the summers of the past

adjust the base and let the Alpine blast

pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme

and put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime

Brilliant move. This is no ordinary songwriter here, we’re dealing with a lyrical strategist. Instructing me to ‘think of the summers of the past’ just completely took me out of the game for at least 25 seconds. My mind instantly wanders to a place filled with wiffle ball, Kool-Aid, and sleepovers. Instructing me to harken back to past summers just bought him temporary immunity. The next few lines of the song could be about beef jerky and geraniums and I’d have no idea. Well done, sir. But don’t try it again – I’m on to you now.
NOTE: If you follow the Fresh Prince’s advice and activate your vehicle’s cruise control function, please continue to monitor changing road conditions and do not recline your seat beyond a safe, reasonable angle.


School is out and this is sort of a buzz

but back then I didn’t really know what it was

but now I see what have of this

the way that people respond to summer madness

Let’s stop here for a moment. It’s now been 21 years since this song came out and I still have no idea what the hell he says right there. Every lyric resource shows it differently, from the above ‘but now I see what have of this’, which is gibberish, to ‘but now I see what habit is’, which is slightly less incoherent but still doesn’t seem to fit. Why would he pronounce ‘habit is’ “habbadus”? Can someone verify this lyric once and for all? It’s slightly angering. Perhaps this is the ‘summer madness’ he’s referring to.

the weather is hot and girls are dressing less

and checking out the fellas to tell ‘em who’s best

riding around in your jeep or your benzos

or in your Nissan stting on lorenzos

I still don’t know what ‘lorenzos’ are. Tires? Portenza? One of these people?

back in Philly we’d be out in the park

a place called the plateau is where everybody goes

I like this. A little insight into the local habits of native Philadelphians. If I ever find myself in a conversation with one, I will remember to reference ‘the plateau’ – surely that will impress them! Oh, what a hoot that will be.

guys out hunting and girls doing likewise

honking at the honey in front of you with the light eyes

she turn around to see what you beeping at

Uh oh, sounds like she’s mad.

it’s like the summers a natural aphrodisiac

Oh, nevermind- it’s summer so honk away! Toss in a sexually charged comment too if you like, just keep it between May and September.

and with a pen and pad I composed this rhyme

to hit you with and get you equipped for the summer time

Nice! A little “behind the scenes” action. Cool to know he used a pen and pad, as opposed to a crayon and the inside of a cereal box. Invaluable insight into the process of songwriting.


It’s late in the day and I ain’t been on the court yet

hustle to the mall to get me a shorts set

I miss having free time and disposable income. The only reason I ‘hustle to the mall’ now is to get my kid in line to see Santa or the Easter Bunny before the lines are past Foot Locker. While we’re on it, would it kill them to wash the Santa and Bunny suits once a year? It always looks like they’ve been stored for 11 months in a dumpster behind Chipotle.

yeah I got on sneaks but I need a new pair

That seems wasteful.

cause basketball courts in the summer got girls there

Ahh, OK. Carry on.

the temperature’s about 88

hop in the water plug just for old times sake

break to ya crib change your clothes once more

cause you’re invited to a barbeque that’s starting at 4

Seems like a lot of time and fuel spent on commuting. First we drove around aimlessly with cruise control enabled just to listen to a song, then I assume we drove to the plateau (if everybody in Philadelphia goes there it can’t be within walking distance from everywhere), we made a trip to the mall, back to the basketball courts, home, and then back out to a barbecue?? Maybe pack a change of clothes next time and try to do all of your shopping at one time instead of making special trips just for shorts sets.

sittin’ with your friends as y’all remincise

about the days growing up and the first person you kissed

Nothing wrong with this. Shockingly.

and as I think back makes me wonder how

the smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia

Oh! I know this one! It has something to do with olfactory memory and the frontal cortex.

all the kids playing out front

little boys messin’ round with the girls playing double-dutch

I bet those girls wanted nothing more than to play an uninterrupted game of double-dutch, and those little assholes just couldn’t leave them alone.

while the DJ’s spinning a tune as the old folks dance at your family reunion

Hah. Old people dancing. Nice.

then six o’clock rolls around

you just finished wiping your car down

The one you used to waste a tank of gas already today?

it’s time to cruise so you go to the summertime hangout

it looks like a car show

Jesus more driving?? Does anybody car pool or take advantage of public transportation in Philadelphia? This song single-handedly ruined the ozone layer.

everybody come lookin’ real fine

fresh from the barber shop or fly from the beauty salon

More errands = more driving.

every moment frontin’ and maxin’

This song does take me back though. I haven’t fronted or maxed in years.

chillin in the car they spent all day waxin’

leanin’ to the side, but you can’t speed through

two miles an hour so everybody sees you

More wasting gas.

there’s an air of love and of happiness

and this is the Fresh Prince’s new defintion of summer madness

God I love this song.

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I had to bust out laughing about ruining the ozone layer. Apparently, when in doubt, talk about your car. I think they should create classes in colleges about studying song lyrics of different eras as a way to explore how times change. Or no classes, just have all of us get together and really THINK about this stuff.

If I'm gonna brag and be swaggin', calling my tires lorenzos is cooler than 22s. Matter of fact, that's great for the tire brand if that's what it is. Let's advertise those quality everyday services, not the likes of thousand dollar selling jewelers. hahaha. I think the person that wrote this, should revisit "Ain't No Place Like Home", and get us ready for the holidays.

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