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Best Sites for Uploading Albums


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OK, I'm "shopping" new deals for myself. I wanted to make my music available for download so people don't have to join the site to do so. Figured soundcloud would be best, for now. But what about albums?

I know upload sites are more cautious and tight nowadays, but I'm wondering where I could upload full albums for people to get as far as being organized goes; be it track by track or unzipping, etc. It would be nice to upload past albums where I used beats like nobody's business. If that options not available, that's ok. Granted the internet makes things a lot easier to share stuff and meet people, perhaps I'm an old school artist at heart and can't help but doing the daily grind in a tangilble way with people. (i just don't do it as often as I'd like to.)

I'm pretty much beyond trying to "make it". But I'd still like to do certain things within the time & energy I have available to do so. And maybe in some crazy way, the "making it" part ends up happening. (but ultimately if I want it to)

I'd got a whole list of sites that would be options to promote music or upload anything of the sort. I probably have some of them already, but what's the best ones that would be the least hassle? (for promotional music use or legit 100% original material)

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Soundcloud all day for me! As well as uploading individual tracks you can also create 'sets' which are effectively albums. As I'm sure you know, the good thing about soundcloud is that you can pretty much embed the player anywhere. It's quick, easy and looks good. You can also track number of plays, downloads as well as the ability for listeners to leave comments. The only drawback I've found is not being able to reorder the individual tracks you upload. If its part of a set then you can, but the individual ones you can't.

Also have a look at datpiff.com.. Haven't used that site in a while but I've heard it's pretty good for what you want it to do!

Good luck

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