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Nas talks writing for Will Smith


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He doesn't elaborate on anything other than working together in 1997. No details, no nothing. Nas has always been awful in interviews, to the point that I actually question his intelligence as a communicator. FP talked about it in The Source saying he'd write a song or some lyrics then take them to Nas. Nas would tweek or flip some stuff. I don't think there's really anything more to it than that. He wrote Left Eye's rap on Big Willie Style and she hated it...lol. It's obvious too because if you knew her creative-writing background and her clever way of putting rhymes together, you knew up front that her "Big Willie Style" verse is the deadest verse she ever spit.

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Carson: You are so good at lyrics. A lot of people at home might not know that you ghostwrite for a lot of people. Who else do you write lyrics for?

Nas: I have -- I don't do it as much as a lot of other rappers do, but I did it. I worked with Will Smith before.

Carson: What lyrics did you write for Will Smith? [ Laughter ] That "Summertime" song?

Nas: No, no, dude is real talented. He really had it together. I just was vibin' with him. We worked on "Get Jiggy Wit' It," and something on the "Men in Black" soundtrack. You know, but he'll put it together. I was just there vibin with him.



My take. Will was searching for mass appeal on his return to hip hop in 97. He seeked out to Nas to help him adjust to the newer style of how hip hop verses were spit and written out. The late 80s, very early 90s flow was not the type of style to get by in the late 90s. Thats it, Nas did not really write line for line, just vibing like he said here, and to help Will adjust.

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