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I Got The "Freakin' It" and "Will 2K" Singles In The Mail Today


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I did a lil' online shopping at amazon.com with some of the tax refund I received from filing my taxes online and I got those 2 singles from there on CD for under $1 for each one, it felt nice to get those singles since the only single I had on CD was "Just The Two Of Us" which always makes me and papa share some great memories and with him being sick right now I'm looking forward to these singles bringing some more confort! Just figured I'd let the JJFP.com fam know...

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Thanks for the support guys, "Freakin' It" got "Holla Back" on it which is the joint I always wanted for years, it reminds me of this girl I went to high school with that I always wanted her to "Holla Back" and we found each other online recently and we've been talking a lot lately so it might be "All Good" after haha, anyway "Freakin' It"(House Mix)is nice too, this should've been the original 'cause it would've been a bigger hit and I might even do something with that instrumental, lol, the "Will 2K" single got one of my favorites in "Just Cruisin'" and I've been listening to "Miami" a lil' more often lately 'cause I've been imagining a nice vacation coming after all this drama in my life, this girl I've been talking to a lot lately is planning on going to "Miami" soon for her birthday so maybe she'll let me go with her, haha, funny how much happiness 2 CDs that were less than $1 each could give somebody, it feels like I won the lotto!!

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