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I Won An Autographed Keith Sweat CD!


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It's something wonderful how god works, me and my mama were coming home from the church with our food packages and i found a package at my door and it was an autographed copy of keith sweat's new cd "til the mornin" who's my favorite r&b singer, the letter I got with the cd said this:

"January 30, 2012:
The Sweat Hotel and Premiere Radio Networks would like to congratulate you on being selected as a prize winnter in Keith Sweat's Pick My Single Sweepstakes.

As a prize winner, you have won the enclosed autographed copy of Keith Sweat's CD 'Til The Morning.

Once again, The Sweat Hotel and Premire Radio Networks would like to congratulate you and thank you for participating in the sweepsstakes!

Best regards,
Jessica Kastlunger
Integrated Marketing & Promotions Assistant"

i'm a believer something big is happening right now, it feels great to know that his new single is influenced by me, it's gonna be "High As The Sun" since that's the track I was feeling among the choices they had, some of them made the album some of them didn't, tough choice 'cause this is his best CD in a long time, it has rarely left my CD player since I got it in December, check it out on youtube and buy the album 'cause real music should be supported, i'm so happy right now i could cry but i don't want to see my mama get too overemotional, tears of joy baby, lol....

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btw I emailed Keith Sweat this morning as well and here's what I said:

"what's up keith sweat???!!! hey man thanks for that autograph cd, "high as the sun" makes me think about the fun i have working as a cashier at the beach in seaside heights and watching the sunrise from the boardwalk, your music has such uplifting and positive messages to them, it always helps me to relax, especially in the longest month of my life recently with my papa being in a rehab center with dementia and a lump in his lung, i've been playing "til the mornin" and the lsg albums nonstop during that time period, i remember gerald levert died around the time i was having some health issues myself but once again y'all music helped me live on man... that cd i received yesterday in the mail felt like a gift from heaven, god bless you, you've been my favorite r&b singer since i was 11 years old back in '96, there's "nobody" doing like you brother, and ll cool's been my favorite rapper since that time too, both of y'all should do a best of both worlds joint, it'd be the greatest thing ever made, anyway enjoy the super bowl since i know you a giants fan, peace....

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like i said it just feels to me that even though this has been a long and dark month of my life that this is one of the signs that god's turning things around for me, it's real that you gotta focus on how big god is not how big your problems are

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