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COMMON SENSE - The Dreamer/The Believer

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I can't believe we haven't really discussed this on the board yet. His new album is so dope...probably THE BEST Hip-Hop album of 2011. Nearly all of his albums are flawless...or darn near flawless. This album keeps that tradition alive.

I can some up the whole thing by saying his classic Common Sense flow is in place with dope and clever lyrics. The production is dope on every single song. The sound is classic and timeless. Period. If you claim to love Hip-Hop, GET THIS ALBUM.

Blue Sky

Ghetto Dreams

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Common never disappoints me, money's tight for me right now too but I heard most of it on youtube so I'll definately buy, I got most of his CDs, he's one of the best ever

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Blue Sky and Celebrate are dope...Sweet is ehhh..and Ghetto Dreams is GARBAGE. I still can't get into that track. Here you have two incredible emcees collaborating and you come up with hot crap. Listen to Common's first verse ...wtf?

I know Common is an awesome emcee but come on...hes spitting that same crap that everyone talks about as to why rap sucks today.

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The Dreamer/The Believer is a solid album. Not quite classic like BE or Resurrection but it's a real good album. I personally like Ghetto Dreams with Nas. It goes hard. Yeah the subject matter is gritty but that's nothing new for Common. Check his earlier work before One Day It'll All Make Sense.

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