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Heavy D Tribute Verse


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Heavy D Tribute: Big Ted's Peaceful Journey
Written On Nov. 9, 2011

Tonight I've been tossin' and turnin' in my sleep
With my heart feelin' "Heavy"
As I reminisce on the legend's "Peaceful Journey"
Who represented as one of the greatest mcs
Like Outkast he was "So Fresh and So Clean"
With smooth rhymes going "Big Tyme" like "Black Coffee"
He gave us an alternative to the fake thugs
By showing "Nuttin' But Love"
On the mic he would tear it up
When he brought us the "Blue Funk"
It hurts deep that he's no longer with us
As I contemplate all the greats he's on a short list
In no particular order like this, he's one of the truest
Shoutouts to KRS, LL, Latifah, Lyte, Fresh Prince
Hammer, Kane, Flava Flav, Chuck D, Run-Dmc, Cube, Moe Dee, Rakim
And the Hieroglyphic mcs introduced to me by the australian homie Tim
My brother I could see you up there as we "ask heaven" "just coolin'"
With Levert and them
As our world is in "self destruction"
You were the man that prayed for "A Better Land"
I hold my head up to the clouds
Prayin' for the artist that proclaimed
"The Overweight Lover's In The House"
You're up there savin' a space right now
For all the real heads to reunite
With Jam Master Jay, Michael Jackson, Scott La Rock, 2Pac, Aaliyah
Biggie, Big L, Teena Marie, Left Eye, Guru, Ray Charles, Sinatra
Your brother Trouble T Roy, Sammie Davis,
the comedy kings Mac and Pryor, and the Godfather James Brown
Our loved ones from Afganistan and Iraq
And the other wars of combat
I lost my friend in Iraq who was known as John Lyons
KRS-ONE's been crying to "Stop The Violence"
It's only fitting that you left with smokin' Joe Frasier
God only calls on those who hold it down major
As long as we bump your classics
Hip hop will never decay the form
You've been in the game almost since I was born
You dropped in '86, I came in '85 on March 4th
Rest In Peace "Waterbed Hev"
Big Ted will always rep the truest to the fullest
Leavin' the world at 44 in your prime
Displays how we can't take for granted
That we must cherish this lifetime
That's why with every breathe in me
I will recite rhymes
Like your example we must "Live Large" until we all depart
As we reminisce over you, my god
As I bring this verse to a final point
You repped money earnin' mt. vernon
Like the NBA's Ben Gordon at the point
Right now you're spittin' with Big Pun since you were always "On Point"
You were like the Poor Righteous Teachers "Rockin' The Funky Joint"
Your music inspired millions to stay strong
Since we appreciate your great songs
Like you I'm a respectful lyrical arsonist since I "Don't Curse"
Droppin' knowledge and wisdom in each verse
Every live breath from me brings life to the game
And sucka mcs to the dirt from the hearse
The only difference is that it would take me a million years
To accomplish all that you did as a pioneer to the biz
At 44 your whole catolog was just endless
That's why this peaceful journey is only at the beginning
In other words the true music doesn't ever finish

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yeah this is quite a shock that he's gone but his contributions on hip hop will not be forgotten

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it's only fitting that his last twitter was "BE INSPIRED" 'cause that's what he did his whole career, he is one of the pioneers of hip hop that inspired millions like i mentioned in my verse

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