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HEAVY D - RIP - at age 44


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I didn't check Ted's link so I'm not sure if that link takes you to a mixtape and if it does, if it's the same one. Here's mixtape I just came across. Only a few of the songs have actually been released and most of the work on this mixtape is better than the stuff on Love Opus. It has legit remixes with Ne-Yo and Robin Thicke that I didn't even know existed. The solo joints are the real highlights tho.'

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hey aj that link i posted was a link to a tribute song busta did for heavy called "you ain't gotta wait till i'm gone" which ironically doesn't work for me now either, you could get it off of youtube:


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According to Jazzy's Facebook (linked up to his Twitter), he is going to do a tribute mix to Heavy! I'm so hyped!! It'll help take the sting away.

yeah you know thats gonna be dope.. Jeff also wrote this on his blog:

I lost a very dear friend this week…Dwight Myers AKA “Heavy D”.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this hurts because I never saw this coming. We spoke a few weeks ago about his amazing performance at the BET Awards. He was a true friend wishing me well on my marriage,wishing good health on my son who was sick and just save travels on my journeys. Rest easy my friend…and in your own words…”Have a Peaceful Journey” RIP HEV.

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Following the unexpected passing of hip-hop veteran Heavy D last week, Junior M.A.F.I.A. rapper Lil Cease now claims there were plans for the "Overweight Lover" to link with late rap icon Notorious B.I.G. for a collaborative project.

According to Cease, B.I.G.'s fast rise to stardom sidelined the project.

"There was an immediate bond," Lil Cease tells XXL. "Hev was instrumental in getting Puff his first job so they had that connection through Diddy. But Hev always saluted [big] like, 'Yo, you that next one. That next big man.' "Him and Big was doing the records, they was trying to do a whole project together," Cease continued. "Eventually, they was trying to work on a project together...After Big took off, it was hard for them to set up the schedules -- but, Big always had the idea in his head like, 'Yo, you know what? Me and Hev doing something together.' The relationship was there being around the whole Uptown situation." (XXL Mag)

Following his Heavy's death, Bad Boy Records' Diddy publicly expressed his sorrow.

"My Heart is Broken. Pls pray for my man Heavy D and his Family. Heavy D is the person who gave me my 1st chance in the music industry. He got me my internship at Uptown. He Believed when no one else did." (Diddy's Twitter)

Heavy's passing made headlines last Tuesday (November 8).

Rap legend Heavy D -- one of the most influential rappers of the '90s -- died earlier today ... TMZ has learned. Heavy D -- real name Dwight Arrington Myers -- was rushed to an L.A. hospital around noon today ... and was pronounced dead at the hospital at 1 PM. He was 44 years old. We've learned a 911 call was placed from Heavy's Beverly Hills home around 11:25 AM to report an unconscious male on the walkway . When help arrived, we're told Heavy D was conscious and speaking -- and was transported to a nearby hospital. He died a short time later. Cops are investigating the death -- and so far, there are no obvious signs of foul play. (TMZ)

The late rapper's funeral will be held this week in New York.

While the family waits for the autopsy results to confirm the cause of the 44-year-old's death, the viewing will take place this Thursday, Nov. 17 from noon to 6 p.m. The private funeral, which will be open to close family and friends only is set for Friday, Nov. 18. Both services will take place in the rapper's hometown in Mount Vernon, NY. Instead of flowers, the family is said to be asking for donations to the Heavy D and Xea Myers Fund. (BET)

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Heavy D deserves more credit than he will ever get. Not only is he one the best emcees of all time, he helped so many others get on. Heavy D was involved in getting nearly every Uptown artist at the level of success they had. Without Heavy D, there would have never been Bad Boy Records. There would have been no Soul IV Real or Monifah. He mentored groups like Naughty By Nature. He helped Hip-Hop get embraced by R-N-B and Pop by collaborating with hearts like MJ and Janet.

It was no secret that Heavy and Biggie were tight. They did "A Bunch of N****s" on Blue Funk (also featuring Guru and Busta Rhymes). They did a song on the NBA Jam session album and the classic "Let's Get It On" with 2Pac and Grand Puba on Eddie F's album. I've never been a huge fan of Biggie but I'd like to hear an album from them from the mid-90's era. I have a feeling a much realer side of Biggie would have been exposed.

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Word AJ, Heavy D is one of the realest mcs ever, his contributions to hip hop were plenty and many, all the real heads will always respect him though

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there's a lot of real mcs on this board like Da Brakes, Big Willie, and FUQ that're all doing thier part to keep real hip hop alive so brothers like Heavy will never be forgotten, I feel more inspired myself to make bigger moves, it's gonna take all of us real heads to work together to bring the game back where it should be

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Heavy D Cause of Death Revealed 1227-heavyd-tmz-ex.jpg
Heavy D died from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis ... and a long flight back to L.A. from a Michael Jackson memorial concert may have been a contributing factor.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs -- most often caused by blood clots which travel in from other parts of he body. In Heavy's case, the clot was formed in his legs.

Days before Heavy died, he was on a flight back from Europe, after performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales.

Officials from the L.A. County Coroner's Office say Heavy also suffered from heart disease, which could have been a contributing factor in his death.

The Coroner's Office has classified the death as "natural."

As TMZ first reported, Heavy died on November 9, 2011. He was 44 years old.

Deep leg vein thrombosis is often associated with long plane flights, in which a clot can form due to prolonged immobility.

Story developing ...

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I just came across this article from last month. Any huge Heavy D fans probably knows all/most of this. But I figured I'd share...



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3 years already, can't believe it, been listening to Peaceful Journey and Blue Funk albums lately....

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Heavy D was the coolest brother in Hip-Hop. He was incredibly versatile and multi-talented. There isn't anyone who didn't know Heavy D who didn't love him. He was one of my top favorite emcees ever since I was 11. His absence is felt constantly.

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