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Can Modern Hip-Hop Be Traced To 6 MCs?


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Sure those legends are influential and probably all ranked in my top 10 but most of the modern mcs can't hold the torch and that's why the legends are still the best in the game, just like when Fresh Prince drops his next album it should be up for album of the year, the pioneers still set the standard, anyway this is refreshing to see the real mcs get credit where credits due, would've been nice if they threw in the Fresh Prince since there's definately a lot out there that try to do the rapper/actor thing:

Can Modern Hip-Hop Be Traced To 6 MCs?
by AHH Staff October 26th, 2011 @ 11:00pm

Mecca’s, a Hip-Hop aficionado that rhymes and works in the game, has concocted a “Hip Hop Lineage Tree” that says that all rap styles in the current era can be traced back to six influential MC’s. These artists are the legend L.L.Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, K.R.S One, Slick Rick and Kool G Rap. Here is the discussion from various bloggers and insiders. Watch and weigh in!

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It's a complete joke that Lil' Wayne's the modern day Slick Rick and Drake's the modern day Big Daddy Kane, the old school rapper that I'd compare them to would be Vanilla Ice 'cause they make weak pop rap but he's probably better than them as well...

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