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The Shady 2.0 Cypher and Heavy D Performance

Big Ben

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thanks for the link, heavy d still dropping the heat in 2011!

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Yes, Heavy D did recently release a new album...more like and EP. It's good but a few tracks are a bit compromised for today's sound. It's still a good album tho.' I was surprised to see that he gained some of that weight back in his performance. He had a good mix of hits but I hated that he rapped OVER the tracks. I loved the dancing and the throw back feel of the performance.

LL's acceptance speech and rhymes was ILL!!! Loved it.

The Shady 2.0 Cypher was also dope....and funny. I didn't see the rest of the show on TV because I forgot it was on. I tuned in as LL was being honored.

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speaking of the bet awards:

Check out LL Cool J accepting his "I Am Hip Hop" award at BET's Hip Hop Awards last night. Read his speech below.

My acceptance speech/what I won’t do is try preach/I won’t assume that I am smarter than you and try to teach/What I will do is set an example for you and inspire you to reach for the stars that’s beyond mars that space bars can’t delete/Because without a dream fulfilled your life’s incomplete/A hearst, a limousine without a backseat/the worst, this Usain Bolt without feet/Real life aint Hollywood, it’s Halloween/Every day is trick or treat/It aint a red carpet it’s a bloody sidewalk from the wolves eating red meat/and these spotlights don’t come with money they come with police/Millionaires cry about raising taxes on the elite/they won’t feed us, as they’d rather defeat us/like an aborted fetus/but your greatest feat is to get back up on your feet/Did I mention, life aint a sprint it’s a marathon/Really stressful on your tendons/and with the shape the economy is in today, you better run to the polls like skinny Kenyans/26 miles miles and two hours and three minutes/It wasn’t weeks or months/It took us 400 years to raise the debt limit/So don’t lose faith, there’s a sweet life out there and one day you will taste/And just like any marathon, you must monitor your pace/and watch out for the haters pushing drinks up in your face/maintain your focus through the ups and downs and debates/and when you win your award, make sure you put in a safe place/and be prepared for whatever…just in case.

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