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Jazzy Jeff's "In The House" Out Now


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I agree with that point Jazzy Jeff made about hip-hop now:

"Hmm… I’d say hip-hop isn’t as good as it used to be to me. The appeal is a lot broader now, and hip-hop is all over the world which is a beautiful thing. I just think the commercialism has really been a real blow to hip-hop."

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man! that was a long interview,...I scammed thru most of it,...but was specially diggiN when JJ mentioned the chemistry he and Will had. Ain't everyday you find someone that can communicate musically on the same wavelength and not talk alot..thas real smooVe...specailly lookin back on their level of success now...dam thats tyte...

Now. If,...naw...imma say WHEN they do a suprise tour in different cities... :thumb: JEFF...Yall betta hit up dat HOTATL !!! and dont forget to add me to ur VIP list....ok..now that i've rambled and meant every word of it!!! LOL. :lolsign: As far as his advice 2 budding DJs,... I was MOS DEF feeliN da need of surrounding urself with people that r HONEST and havin each other's back yo! nuff said...



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at the bottom of the interview it said new jazzyjeff album coming out 18 oct 04...maybe the interview is a bit old?

but it was great...loved the stuff about how he likes working with will and how hip hop ain't as good as it used to be!!!

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