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Impulsive Legend- My Newest Video

Silver Tiger

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That is the best video you've done Chris. I loved the whole 60 minutes style reporter/voice overs and the music. Hilarious! Really well put together! It's gonna inspire me to finish this episode3 youtopia script I'm still working on..

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i do like the idea and i think your acting skills are getting better. the concept of making an interview is a good way to present yourself. but it did lack of seriousity. i couldnt really figure out what you were aiming for, it was not concrete. it did have the feel that you were making fun of yourself, but on the other side you were talking about your ambitions to become an actor. but kinda like playing it down. as chris langer i dont buy it, the dude that is called chris langer in the video is a role hiding his true self behind the shell of comedy.
i think that the video has consistency and it is not filled up with unnecessary filler material. i'd love to see you interact with other persons and play some serious roles. dont forget, acting is about truthfullness and authenticity.

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Rawad: Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it.

DefCEM: FUQ had trouble with whether or not I was being serious at times too. Yeah, I'm making fun of myself, but comedy is something I really enjoy doing. I think people already kind of "get" the idea that I like acting by watching the video. I don't think making fun of myself diminishes that.

I am trying to do serious stuff as well. I've got monologues memorized and I practice them often. I take acting classes twice a week. I'd love to work with more people, like you said. Moving back home has really messed with that. I put out open invitations on facebook when I make videos. Little-to-no bites though! If you wanna see me in a semi-serious role (with other people!) you can check this out. Unfortunately, that's about all I got at the moment!

Thanks for watching!

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making fun of yourself is kinda like overplaying a situation. comedy in that way is not overplaying a situation, especially not yourself, that is something that you wont find anywhere in theatre or television or cinema. its kinda like the way Will was acting on the first episodes of the fresh prince. playing yourself with your own attitude is not acting or maybe bad acting. as an acting student i can tell you that it gives me more the feeling of chris langer, who is showing me that he has fun making jokes and stuff.
comedy doesnt work that way. comedy is created out of a situation and not on purpose by having the intention to make something which seems to be funny. comedy is probably the hardest and most difficult genre in acting. the question is: how can i do comedy but be 100% serious and truthful.
there are ways of caricature and illustrative acting, but these are not necessarily "comedy" bound.

there is nothing bad about it at all in my opinion, like sanford meisner once said "You know it's all right to be wrong, but it's not all right not to try."
so just keep going and taking lessons. i think that you are talented, at least i can tell you that i saw that you got the essence of the moment at times.

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Well now I don't know that we are on the same page. The whole point of the video isn't to make fun of myself. In fact, any jokes at my expense are minimal and not that harsh, I think. I wrote this video. There's a script, cues, etc. I think that the reason you're seeing Chris Langner is because I'm not attempting to really play another person. I will take elements of other people and include them though (like the "ironic" joke). At the same time, yes, I am acting and it was a goal from the start to make this video less like a spokesperson video and more like a journalistic documentary. And although I am playing "Chris" it's still a eccentric characterized version of myself. It's supposed to be funny and I hope you liked it. It's really my favorite video so far. I am trying to be an actor, but I like experimenting with these youtube videos.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope that I can get some other characters on film to show soon.

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I really liked this one Chris! I think people will have different opinions about comedy as it is such a subjective subject. Not everyone finds the same thing funny and people have different things that will set them off in fits of hysterics

I would have to say that playing yourself (albeit a highly characterised version of yourself) is much harder than playing somebody completely different. Although personally I think it is important to experiment with both to hone your overall skills. Some of my favourite and most rewarding roles have been playing serial rapists and woman beaters...

I like this direction of videos from you Chris... My only piece of feedback for you is from a technical standpoint. I think the sound is not consitentient throughout. Other than that I love the progression you are making with each video! Keep them coming!

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Thanks a lot Brakes! I've done lots of different roles (lawyers, killers/assassins, lovers, etc.) but most of it has been in the classroom. I'm submitting myself for auditions, but competition is fierce in LA. I'm gonna keep at it though.

On the sound, I agree. Sound has been one of the hardest things to nail with all this editing. The final product in this case actually has a lot of work put into the sound and balancing it throughout the video. The main problem in this videos case is that some of Samuel's lines were recorded in a different location due to me missing them in the recording process. I just decided to roll with the punches.

Thanks again, Tim! And yes, I got the PM. I'm in the middle of writing a response right now actually.

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