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Long time no see


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Hey guys.

Dont know if you guys remember me. But I use to hang out here alot. Since then, i got engaged, became an actor, became a student and now I work. Yeah, alot have been going on. Hope all is well with you guys.

I´ll try to be here alot more, because this is the only forum I actually were apart off.

I hope Brakes went platinum, Luigie made it, JumpinjackAJ met Lil´ Wayne and punched him, bigted stopped writing essays when he answered a simple question, and Hero1 got laid.

I´ll hang out her more often from now on. Good to be back.

Me and my Fiancé:

This is the new tv-series im in. (Im the fat guy, lost 40 kg since then tho)


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Can't say I remember you but that doesn't really mean much since I'm pretty forgettable. Anyway congrats on everything. I have one problem though, I can only speak english, so I hope it's okay if I pretend you were doing a full Clint Eastwood, 'Do you feel lucky' impression though.

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How's it going Pak! Great to have you back on the board! Not gone platinum yet! Still chasing that dream... Like LL says "Dreams don't have deadlines"

Will also check out your series onces I'm in front of my PC! Great job on landing it tho!

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Thanks guys. Yeah, I´ve grown since last time. Im 24 and having a wedding next year. Good to be back tho. Im hoping for a new album from Will.

Silver: Bro, work hard. And it´ll happen.

Turntable: Thanks bro.

Brakes: Keep chasing the dream, bradda. I´ll let you guys know when the dvd is coming out. The premiere is in october. I´ll keep you updated.

AJ: Just smash his skateboard.

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