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Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise


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You can listen to it here: http://www.aightgenossen.ch/portal_news.php?art_id=111248&ns=10. It is also on Youtube, but the quality isn't good on Youtube which makes is sound realy bad.

The song is fire ya'll. They still got it, they have to be the kings of freshness.

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Yeah, I like this. I've never been the biggest Beastie Boys fan but I've always appreciated them. I have most of their albums and there's definitely a time and place for BB. I like the energy on this. Thanx for sharing.

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I picked up the album this week. I've always respected the Beastie Boys but I've never been their biggest fan. I have most of their albums and I typically like 30%-50% of the songs on their albums. This new album is no different but I love that they are still going and that they stay pretty consistent. They definitely have staying power and keep their music original. I hope this album does some big things so it shows that people want more than the current crappy top 20 artists.

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