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Willow with a Parents Just Dont Understand remake


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I think Willow has recorded a parents just dont understand remake.. she also has worked with other "smith's" on her album.. Will, Jada, Jaden? All of them? Who knows.. and apparently Will wants a Willow track to be the theme for Karate Kid 2

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Guest slatkica

Well,this is really way too much!I hate that I have to say this,but they all starting to be too annoying for me.Jaden is actor (only in movies that his parents produced),singer (in one song where he mentioned that he is"raised by two stars"),he's going on tour with one (or better said half) song...Willow's going to have album in the age of 10 (and her dad set her record deal with his close friend),remake his song,going on tour with one song...
I (used) to like Will very,very much but I don't recognize him anymore.They started to be synonym for nepothisam.
I wish them all the best,I really do,but Trey is definitely my favorite Will's kid!
P.S.Sorry for my English:-)!

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I think a family remake of "Parent's Just Don't Understand" could be hilarious. I'm instantly thinking of their commercial for the BET Awards. On thing is for sure, there's no way it could be as disappointing as Jazzy's remake of "Brand New Funk." That being said, Jazzy NEEDS 2 scratch on the track.

Everyone is giving the family flack. I think that's ridiculous. They are allowing their kids 2 chase their dreams. They have the resources to help that happen and their kids have the talent to do so. Quit hating on KIDS...it's embarrassing 2 the board.

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