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Montell Jordan Leaves Music To Focus On Being A Pastor


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Those guys on the 700 club are crazy and sick, there is now way around it and there are a lot of guys like that. Some dont say evil stuff like them, but one problem remains: A lot of them weren't realy schooled in what they do. It takes more than throwing around with little words of wisdom that you can read on every motivational calender to be a pastor. Religion is complicated and in the wrong hands it's dangeours.

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I don't disagree with that at all. I'm just saying that from who I've watched I wouldn't say 'most' of them are that way. I was raised as a Christian and as a teenager truly accepted the faith as my own. I'm not gonna judge anyone, but when I'm listening to someone speak you can catch the vibe with something is off.

Being a pastor certainly isn't a move you make "for the money." Montell has made some music that definitely would never make a gospel album, but as a man, his music, his career, his interviews certainly show a life long dedication to his faith. I don't find it shocking or wrong in any way.

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Yeah there's nothing wrong with Montell Jordan wanting to be a pastor, he isn't perfect but he has a genuine heart and faith that could be used to inspire more people to turn their lives around so more power and god bless to him for wanting to do something positive like this.....

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