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Will and Mariah


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I found this picture on some forum. I wonder if they were dating cause the body language in this picture is kinda interesting... Will kinda looks familiar to what he looked like in the 1st season of fresh prince, Mariah on the other hand.... WOW, I am speachless, just hilarious! If you look closely on the picture with Will playing video games you will find Mariah's CD on the floor!!!!! :bump2:


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Lol, this is gonna become my picture of the week now lol! mariah looks weirrrddd to say the least, and Will seriously needed them 40 pounds more.

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That 1st pic looks like it was from 89-90 and the 2nd from 90-91. I kinda doubt they were dating. There would be rumors about that. FP has shown love 2 Mariah. In late 90's interviews he would mention her as one of his favorite artists and there was also a pic of him posing with her and Jay-Z from 1998/1999. I don't see why y'all are thrown back by Mariah in those pix. She looked like that when she came out in 1990...she just didn't dress like that or do her hair like that.

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