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Visqo, that is easily the best song on Usher's new album. Probably the best off of his last 2. He needs 2 return to this kinda music because most of the songs on Versus and Raymond V Raymond can't touch he's earlier work.

R. KELLY - Half On A Baby
R. (1998)

I miss this version of R. Kelly...when he was the freakin' man! This song takes me back to fall 1998 like crazy.
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HA HA!! Visqo is usually the first 2 call me out for liking artist like Katy Perry. But he's calling S Club 7 one of his favorite groups...lol.

Space Jam Soundtrack (1996)

One of the best posse cuts EVER. This song sounds just as fresh 2day.
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Hey hey, dont be hating on a playa for going back and showing love to one of the best groups ever created. lol

Lets start the week with some loving please!
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LL's the best mc ever to me, I don't argue if people say that he's better than Will but that don't take away from Will's greatness, they both legends:
Diddy Feat. Nas and Cee-Lo "Everything I Love", Diddy ain't one of the greatest mcs but he sures knows how to do collaborations you gotta give him credit for that

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DMX - Baby Motha
The Year of The Dog (Again) (2006?...I forget)

When it comes to a career in Hip-Hop, LL is the best, staying the most consistent and having so many different sides to himself as an artist. And Puffy has to be good at collaborations. He doesn't have enough talent to make music by himself as an artist...lol. Last night I popped in DMX "Year of the Dog" and was reminded how good that album is. I hope he comes out with something at least as strong as this next time around.

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