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What Are You Listening To? XX

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"Gangsta's Paradise," Bone's "1st of The Month" and MJ's "You Are Not Alone" were my favorite songs of that summer. And Janet's "All For You" era was flawless. It's probably my 2nd favorite album by her. My 1st would be janet. featuring my favorite song by her..."Again."

G-WIZ - Dirty Luv (R&B Remix)
Dirty Luv (Cassette Maxi-Single) (1995)

G-Wiz has always been one of my favorite groups. Hardly anyone remembers them.
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I've heard some of that Soul Intent. For years I thought Eminem's 1st stuff was recorded in the mid-90's...then I heard this early 90's stuff. He definitely fit in with the times...tho' the Jesus Christ Superstar sample was crazy.

I think I found pop jam for the summer...

KATY PERRY + SNOOP DOGG - California Girls
(Whatever her upcoming album is) (2010)

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LL COOL J - Strictly Business
Strictly Business Soundtrack (1991)

I wanted this soundtrack back in 1991...and finally got it last week....lol. "New" music from LL Cool J, Heavy D + The Boyz, Jodeci, etc...
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The Space Jam soundtrack is easily in my top 5 favorite soundtracks of all time. It is, in a word, FLAWLESS.

Here's my favorite basketball jam...

BELL BIV DEVOE - Above The Rim
Hootie Mack (1993)

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Public Enemy "Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need"

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