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Justin Bieber

Guest jessejames1550

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There always was music for the kids.. remember hilary duff, busted, hanson and so on..

Haha, everyone jammed to Mmbop at least once, lol.

I agree with Julie, I'm not a fan of Biener, but I'm not bothered by him either. If I don't like someones music I just don't listen to it. As long as someone gets some positive insight out of it I see no problem.

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Guest lambertj3

I think he is an industry tool put together for tween white girls to fawn over. How many other people you know are getting famous off youtube? He was chosen over people who sacficed a lot to get in the buisness and still cant book shows? Something isn't right especially with his high pictched girly voice and autotuned album. . He will be forgott6en in two years he reminds me of someone acting to hard trying to be black

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lol, when I first saw him a thought he was one of those twins that work in that nick show.. He is actually not bad, and the remix with Ludacris was a nice touch since Luda killed it as usual. By the way, have you checked Ludacris new album? It is as commercial as they come, but it has songs that really stick on ur mind for the whole day.

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