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Loretta dead?


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Hey guys,

i just listened to the song loretta and don't know what to think. the hook and the whole song just sounds like that she's died. that's the impression i get recently when i listen to the song. man, to comprehend it that way makes the song even sadder. could it be?

what y'all think?

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I remember when someone thought that FP saying "click" as in her hanging up the phone was taken as her cocking a gun and killing herself...ha ha. I never took anything in the song as saying she's dead. I think if that were the case he would have put it in the lyrics.

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I doubt it was that girl. She didn't seem 2 be a big fan of his music and movies in the sense that whatever she said about him was pretty general. I think she genuinly loves FP but that she's amping up the character for TV. She doesn't look like she could have much of a dark side. Loretta in the song sounded 2 have that crazy dark side.

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