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Quote from the new XXL edition on Asher Roth, by Eminem himsefl

"Asher Roth, I haven't had a chance to, like, really get into everything, like, really get into what he's about, because I've only hear a couple songs. There was talk about people saying he sounded like me, and he was doing this and that and, you know, trying to take what I do and do it. You know, **** like that. I've heard things. But the stuff that I've heard from him honestly, which certainly isn't enough for me to make my own opinion and say, 'Yeah, he does sound like me' or 'No, he doesn't.' But the couple of songs I've head, I don't really think he does. You know what I mean? He's doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he's dope."

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I haven't heard that much from Asher Roth to form an opinion on him

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I heard of this guy but didn't hear his music until now. He doesn't sound like Eminem. His flow is kinda boring or uninspired. His production on this song is much better than the stuff i've heard Eminem rapping over in years.

Eminem's comment above actually sounds very mature. Instead of being negative, critical, or just ignorant, he sounds chill and collected.

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