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Will Smith named as actor who should retire


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In light of Joaquin Phoenix's (dubious) retirement from acting, MSN Movies has an article listing 10 other actors it thinks should also throw in the towel when it comes to acting. Will Smith is #3 on that list. From the article:

This is more along the lines of a personal favor. I liked DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince a lot, and though I never saw the TV show, I have been disappointed in every step of Smith's career since. Yes, he is the biggest movie star in the world. Yes, his movies make more money than anyone else's. But that doesn't make them, or him, good. From his cop-out performance in "Six Degrees of Separation" to his Eddie Murphy-copping star turns in "Men in Black" and "Bad Boys." It bummed me out when he got serious as "Ali" (though he deserves some credit for attempting the impossible), and bummed me out even more that he stayed serious in "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Seven Pounds." His action hero movies ("I, Robot," "I Am Legend," "Hancock") all suck, but no film sucks as hard as "Independence Day." Except maybe "Bad Boys II," or "Wild Wild West" or "Hitch." And yet, in spite of everything, some part of me tends to give Smith, who is obviously talented and charismatic, the benefit of the doubt. I humbly request his retirement, so he can go out on top, and so I can be spared the experience of seeing any more of his lousy films.

That guy is the biggest Will Smith Hater in the world...yeah, it makes sense if you are the most powerful actor in the world to retire! lol

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