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Your favourite movie


What is your favourite movie with Will Smith ?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite movie with Will Smith ?

    • Bad Boys
    • Independance Day
    • Men In Black
    • Enemy of the State
    • Wild Wild West
    • Ali
    • Men In Black II
    • Bad Boys II
    • I, Robot
    • Hitch
    • Pursuit of Happyness
    • I Am Legend
    • Hancock
    • Seven Pounds
    • Other (Made in America, Six degrees of Separation...)

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  • 3 months later...

I made this topic while I had not seen all the movies.

Now, I've seen almost all (in the last 4-5 month !!) (just didn't see 2 movies, because I don't have the subtitles).

What I think of Will Smith's movies :

Where The Day Takes You (1992) : not seen (don't have the subs)

Made In America (1993) : not seen (don't have the subs)

Six Degrees Of Separation (1993) : A strange movie. Absolutely not the kind of movie I like, but I reaallly liked it ! I don't think I understood everything, because the subtitles were in english. It's a strange movie, the strangest I've seen. But a very good film ! Now, I'de like to see it again... with french subs (I can't find it :/)

Bad Boys (1995) : Loved it! I had no idea of what it was, and it has been a good surprise ! Really funny, and the duet Smith - Lawrence is excellent ! One of my favourite !

Independance Day (1996) : Good surprise, a good movie, maybe too "american" at the end : for example, when somebody try to pass a door, he succeed for just 0,01 second.

Men In Black (1997) : The first I've seen, years and years ago. Nice movie, funny, with a good Will Smith.

Enemy Of The State (1998) : Never heard about before watching it, and now, it's one of my favourite. Really liked it.

Wild Wild West (1999) : Not a very good movie, Will is good, but it is going too far : robots, and everything, it's a little bit too much.

The Legend Of Bagger Vance (2000) : Booorrriiingg. I was bored during 2 hours and a half. Why is it "The Legend Of Bagger Vance" ? We see Bagger Vance just during the half of the movie, and I don't think is role is really big... I REALLY didn't liked it.

Ali (2001) : I was a little scared before watching it : I don't really like boxing, and I was scared to see a Will not in a role made for him : I mean, we can't see the Will like he is in most of his movies. He must be like Ali, not in a role sculpted for him, for his caracter, for his attributed. But it is a very good surprise : really liked it. A very nice movie, WIll is really excellent in this one.

Men In Black II (2002) : Less good than the first one. Maybe as funny, but not really good.

Bad Boys II (2003) : Very good, maybe a (very) little bit less than the first), but still funny, and still this amazing duet Smith - Lawrence ! The end is maybe 'too much'.

I, Robot (2004) : a nice movie, I really like Will's role in this one. Liked it !

Hitch (2005) : a funny movie, a quite good story : liked it!

The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006) : wow... very good too, Will play very well, Jaden too. A really nice movie, loved it.

I Am Legend (2007) : One of my favourite. Strange to see Will alone during the most part of the movie! Very good.

Hancock (2008) : a funny movie ! The second part is less good than the first, but it is not a bad movie.

Seven Pounds (2009) : I didn't really looovvved it, but I was scarry to see a very bad movie, after everything I read on internet and on this forum! And finally, I don't think this a bad movie. Maybe a little bit soft, but the fact we don't know the story of that guy and his secrets kept me in the story of the movie! I understood the whole story just during the last 2-3 minutes, and it's a beautiful story. I think it's more the kind of movie that is, for certain people, annoying or bad, but in this genre, this film is, I think, quite good.

This is not a real classification, but something rough :

I Am Legend, Bad Boys, The Pursuit Of Happyness, Ali, Six Degrees Of Separation

Enemy of The State, Bad Boys II

Hitch, I Robot, Men In Black, Hancock, Seven Pounds, Independance Day

Men In Black II

Wild Wild West

The Legend Of Bagger Vance

I think it's something like this !

Something I've noticed : good movie, or bad movie, Will is always excellent. So, he is a very good actor !

PS :If somebody got the subs that are missing, in french is possible, I'm interested!

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The Legend Of Bagger Vance (2000) : Booorrriiingg. I was bored during 2 hours and a half. Why is it "The Legend Of Bagger Vance" ? We see Bagger Vance just during the half of the movie, and I don't think is role is really big... I REALLY didn't liked it.

In my opinion...

'Bagger Vance' >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 'Wild Wild West'

I thought it was a great story.

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