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Will on Worst Song List

fan 4ever

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I found this on sohh.com
What y'all think about it?

Former Fresh Prince Will Smith nabs the 32nd position with 1999's "Will 2K." While everything from Smith's simplistic rhymes to the misuse of "Rock The Casbah" sample are mentioned as low points, the track's concept is noted as its worst moment.

This is Blender Magazine's "50 Worst Songs Ever" list!
Other people on the list are Ja Rule (figures), P Diddy,Mc Hammer and Master P!
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"Will 2k" is a good song and all, but let's be real. It's sampled a song that made alot of fans of The Clash mad that he turned it in2 a party-pop Hip-Hop song. The concept is also incredibly dated. FP knew this when he did the song, but this is the kinda backlash that a song like this would get no matter what. Who cares what a stupid list says?!? I certainly don't.
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i thought it was hype though, when i heard it in nov '99. the whole y2k buzz was in the air at that time so it was a good millennium kinda party song. however, will doesn't have to sample a lot of songs to make hit records. there have been a lot of criticisms on his sampling. born to reign had real original stuff, but the biggest hit in the album was a luther vandross remake... c'mon will? hope his next effort will be sample free.
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