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Hey all...So I'm going to try and stay up on the boards, but I may be slacking for oh, say...the next 5 months!

That is because as of last night, I am now a student in Normandy until June. It's really exciting and I am happy to realize my french is pretty good in conversation.

Anyway, the reason I posted this topic, is I know some of you are from Western Europe. So any suggestions, places to visit, advice for a foreigner (wow, it's weird to describe myself that way) are welcome! UK (my buddy did an exchange program last year to my school, he attends Kent University), France, Spain, Germany, Italy...(anywhere in the Western European limits) any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

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Go get yourself to a Soccer (Football) game. Your are probably closish to Stade Malherbe de Caen. Worth going along to a game. Ligue 1 isn't the strongest league in Europe but is still decent.

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Thanks guys!

1.) I am in Rouen and yes, I do want to visit Caen. I didn't know anything about any football (I'm forcing myself to say it in opposed to soccer) around Rouen, so I may in fact make it there one weekend.

2.) Julie--I will visit Kent Uni most likely first, but London and wherever my friend suggests, so I am all ears for advice. Oh, by the way, I know that personal gun use is nonexistent in the UK...SO why do the police have AK47s at Heathrow???? Couldn't a pistol do? I would think the US policemen would have the AK47's before London with the personal gun laws much less strict. That really scared me to no end!

3.) Visqo, man I got philly sports radio on when I'm in my room and I have some friends who will be watching with me 7pm (1pm NY time) Sunday as the Eagles beat the Giants. I got my 'serving' of philly intermittently throughout the day to get me by.

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i wouldnt say gun use is non existant, its nothing like America but we have a growing problem with knife and gun crime. I dunno why they have massive guns there, it kinda freaked me out too when i saw them, i guess

to show terrorist scum whos boss.

Ive never been to kent so i cant say whats there, not a lot i imagine lol. London is cool, you should visit the queen. im not really into that kind of thing but i quite enjoyed going there, the guards there have massive guns too lol.

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