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Seven Pounds... What did YOU think of it?


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I have to say I'm not quite sure what to feel about the movie....that in itself probably tells me that that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Like most people have said the beginning of the movie was really slow and took too long to get into what the story is about! This loses the audience straight away and doesn't leave much scope to bring it back. The last 3rd of the movie was by far the best which saved it from being a complete flop.

Will's acting was at times great and at others mediocre. Maybe it’s because I know that Will really wants this Oscar so I'm critiquing every expression/gesture that he does. It is quite annoying that he is only playing certain types of characters in pursuit of this damn Oscar and until he stops chasing it he is never going to win one. It's like people who are deathly afraid of cats. They always seem to attract them on the street. But try and go up to one and stroke it and it'll run away.

All I know is that his next film better be amazing because it looks as if he is losing a lot of fans and credibility. I also agree that being 'the most powerful actor in Hollywood' should warrant better script choices and directors.

Let's see what is next...

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I cannot figure out if i thought the film was amazing or highly irritating or both. But it does make me want to see it again. Two people walked out halfway through which i never really get cos a film can be saved by the end.

Is Will over acting in this film waaay too much or has this character really got that many issues that his face is pretty much always in a grumpy way, and therefore the other characters aren't reacting to his expressions that well, almost waving them off like they don't exist.

The film was a little long, but shot well and the musical score worked really well. However the choices of popular music songs to accompany that didn't do anything for me. Good supporting cast too.

Urm, i am undecided if i liked it or not. I think i will need to see it again.

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I think it's one of the best Will's films...and even the best.

Althought I think Will sometimes overact (when Ben/Tim is with the old lady or when he doesn't wanna kiss Rosario's character)the movie is almost perfect; the direction is brilliant and the script is real good (with the true about Ben/Tim at the end of it).

If someone deserves a nomination to an Oscar in my opinion is not Will, but Rosario Dawson.

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Although Seven Pounds had sporadic strong scenes and beautiful cinematography throughout I feel it just didn't quite hit the spot emotionally for me. Some of the scenes are great and I believe the love story was quite well played out with some good interaction between Dawson and Big Will. Problem is a lot what happens is borderline ridiculous, I mean the jellyfish sub-plot crow-barred in there is poor. The actual suicide scene is awful and if it was any once else other than Will I would have been laughing at the siliness of a guy in a bath with obviously nothing in there with him pretending to be stung badly. It's awful and its not really Will's fault it's just a stupid idea. If I didn't have all the respect for Will I would have laughed in that cinema. Also giving someone your eyes hmmm... Rest of the characters aren't suffieciently developed, making the other-riding story not as hard hitting as it could be.

Good showing by Rosario and she worked well with Will.

As far as Will I think it wasn't the right film for him to go with. We've seen this performance before he offered little surprises about what he can do. His performance in Pursuit of Happiness is much better i believe. The emotion in pursuit hits hard a lot more than seven pounds because we can focus on two solid characters brilliantly interacting throughout.

I think Will needs to choose a film that either shows off his greatest asset (his personality and charm) or he needs to do some character acting like in Ali. Or even just go with a slighter smaller scale project with a good solid story with decent actors around him

Wouldn't put Seven Pounds in the Wild Wild Bagger Vance bracket. But it's not up there with Ali or Pursuit. Let's chill out about the Oscar Will, you have many years to achieve that if your really that bothered.

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ok, i've finally seen it, and resisted coming on here and a lot of other websits because i didn't wanna know anything about it before i entered the cinema. I never even read any reviews in newspapers etc.

So, overall, i think it was a good film, it made me feel uncomfortable at times but i consider this to be a good thing as it wasn't what i expected and obviously had an emotional effect on me. I have to say that i did cry at the end, and thought that everyone gave great performances...Rosario Dawson was amazing and Will for me was just unrecognisable.

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This is great and beautiful movie. When I was watching last scene a tear rolled down my cheek. I saw it with polish subtitles cause I'm not good enough in english to watch in original version.

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I just watched it and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm shocked at all of the bad reviews, I thought it was very good, far from a flop. *Spoilers* My only complaint about it was that if the ladies heart could give out at any minute, she should not be having sex! And I loved the Jellyfish angle, I thought it was a poetic way to go, to kill your self with the most beautiful animal you've seen because you killed the most beautiful woman you've seen. I didn't have any problems with the plausibility of Bens motives, likes folks said, he was committing suicide and he was trying to assuage his conscience in the process.

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