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Seven Pounds... What did YOU think of it?


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I got a question to the People who was already in the movie:

Are there any "hot" scenes, with mrs. dawson?

I dont like movies like this... in so many movies are the women... naked xD...

(and sometimes i think this scene is destroying the movie... because its failed the movie)

so somebody can tell me that?


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I'd have to say that Seven Pounds was a good movie, and everything comes to a head at the end of the movie. The ending is definitely shocking.

Don't worry about the "love scene", it wasn't too much and I don't think it took away from the film.

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I watched the movie yesterday.... it' s a good movie with a strong ending.... but till the last part, the movie isn't so great for me. I mean, good story, shocking ending, but untill you don't reach the last part, the movie could be boring.... many people in the cinema were quite bored.... fortunately the ending makes you change your opinion. Anyway I prefer others kind of movie for will. for me ths is that kind of movie I watch once......

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Ok. I finally saw the movie yesterday. The cinema was full, there wasn't a free seat.

I'm with those who think the best part of the movie was the 2nd. I liked the movie but now I really want Will in a big good movie.

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Just saw it. The start was so slow, it was just a bunch of random scenes that didnt fit in with another. i dont like films that go to and fro too much with time. It was like nothing really happened for an hour. Then finally the love story started and that was ok, then the last 10 minutes was great and i cried like a baby.

I just think it all happened at the end, we finally see what happened in the accident at the same time Will commits suicide, its like they fit the whole movie into that last part. Dont get me wrong i did enjoy the end but it was a lot of watching to do to get to that point. Its one of my least favourite Will films, sorry.

Oh and why did it make me cry so close to the end, i had to walk out the cinema with red eyes.

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I saw the movie yesterday and I have to say that I loved it. One of my favorite Will Smith movies without any doubt.

The story is very touching and depressing. The first part of the movie is slow and confusing, but once the love story between Ben and Emily starts, this is, in the second part, you can feel their pain, you just get sadder and sadder because you know they won't be together much time. You can't help being intrigued though, because their love story is amazing and so true that makes you think that nothing bad will happen, but that's not the reality. They give us some emotional scenes that I'll never forget (like when Ben fixes the machine in Emily's garage, simply great). The ending is predictable but sad. A good ending I'd say, something I hadn't seen in a WS movie since 'The Pursuit of Happyness'. The jellyfish scene is dope.

Will's performance is brilliant (again), and I can't understand why they ignored him for the Golden Globes. He has proved that he can be a serious actor when he wants, not only playing a dramatic role, but also playing dark characters like this one, very different from the ones he has played before. Rosario Dawson is, for me, the best of the movie. Her performance is fantastic (I've never seen her as good as in this movie), and she deserves a nod too. She was born for this role. And Woody Harrelson is good too. His performance as a blind pianist is very convincent, but he doesn't have many minutes in the movie to show his talent. The first scene where he's talking with Ben through the phone is great though!

Will's chemistry with Rosario is perfect. Like I said before, the scenes where they are together are unforgettable: the way they look at each other wondering what the other is thinking, the music, the dialogues... everything is perfect with this couple.

I wish Will works with Muccino again. I love their movies. I didn't cry with this one, but it's very touching and shows how some people want to live life (Emily) while others don't because they feel guilty (in this case, Ben, because of the car accident). Probably darkest role of Will since 'Six Degrees of Separation', but a good movie in my opinion.

I'm planning on seeing 'Seven Pounds' again soon.


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I'm hearing rave reviews from my friends for this film. Gonna get round to hitting the cinema this week. I am truly intrigued by if i am gonna like this or not now.

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I dont quite believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with everything Ale just said.

First time for everything eh dude? :lolsign:

I enjoyed this movie much more than IAL and Hancock.

Well, better late than never man :lolsign: :thumbsup:

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