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Article from PRIDE Magazine:

Will Smith: The Last Movie Star

Recently, the Los Angeles Times and a number of movie experts agreed that we had seen the death of the movie star. With all the top stars having major flops, they came to the conclusion that only one star could ensure a movie’s success by their name alone: Will Smith. Will took time out to explain how he went from being a guy with “average talent” to an enduring superstar at work and at home.

You always seem to come across as a loyal, loving husband. Were you ever a playa in your earlier days?

I have had only five girlfriends in my entire life. I needed to know the chick for a long time before I even said anything.

But you seem so super-confident…

The problem was, I could never put myself out there. At school I was madly in love with this girl. Her name was Charlene Brown. During a school assembly I caught her eye, and to this day I do not know why, but I screamed out, “Hey, Charlene, how are you feeling?” And over 1,000 students’ heads I heard her shout back, “Too good for you.”

That must have hurt!

From that moment, I never approached or said a word to a girl unless I was absolutely certain that she liked me.

And now?

You never forget. Even with the wife, I make sure she is in the mood before I approach. Charlene never leaves your head. Every guy has that girl that wrecked them!

You and Jada have been married ten years and, by all accounts, are very happy. What’s the key?

Communication. And divorce cannot be an option.

Your first marriage ended in divorce.

That is probably the most painful loss of my life. I quit. I could have fixed it. It really was not that bad.

Some would say there’s no reason to stay if a marriage isn’t good.

Once you say that, you’ve lost. With Jada, I stood up in front of God and my family and friends and said, “Till death do us part.” So there are two possible outcomes: we are going to be together till death, or I am dead.

But people do have problems in marriage.

Jada and I have problems; everybody has problems. People ask, “What happens if you made a mistake?” Well, you should be a little more careful before you stand up in front of God and your family and friends and say, “Till death do us part.”

Read the full article in Pride November issue, out now


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This is old, but oh well..

Jada and her mom watching Xiao Shi-Tou's first solo music concert at the Temple of Ancient Monarchs.

Will Smith’s wife also came to watch him perform. She actually heard Xiao Shi-Tou sing at her son’s birthday party not long ago and at the time she said to me that whenever Xiao Shi-Tou was going to perform again, she wanted to go and watch him sing because she thought that Xiao Shi-Tou’s voice was just too unique.


Source: http://www.jackiechan.com/blog/780964--Shi-Lei---s-First-Solo-Music-Concert-and-Script-Discussions

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Will Smith And Family Stay At The Westin Beijing Chaoyang


The Hollywood star Will Smith, together with his wife, Jada Smith, and their three children, Trey, Jaden, and Willow, recently came to the end of a four-month stay at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang. The Smiths were in Beijing for the filming of a new kung fu movie which stars Jacky Chan, and is being produced by Will Smith. The hotel's general manager, Daniel R. Aylmer, was on hand to wish the family farewell when they departed.


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