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Nice new look... i'll be picking up a shirt next month.

hey tim is jeff gonna be touring the U.S soon to?

Jeffs always doin shows in the US I guess you just never hear about it.. you gotta be on the lookout I know he does a lot in L.A/vegas & NYC/Philly

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Yeah, Jeff's shows are rarely advertised in the the US unless he's really focusing on the US at the moment. I'd really like 2 see him spin. It's been awhile. The site looks good. I must say i do miss the old one with him spinnin' and noddin' his head. I really wanna get one of the new shirts. I'm just not crazy about that price.

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Yeh man, thats not a bad price really. But i guess in The U.S things are a bit cheaper in general than over here so i would think that.

Im sure you'll agree that you've spent the same money on worse stuff before.

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Nice upgrade, I'm gonna get one of these shirts too, looks dope

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Really wanna T-Shirt. But that $35.00 p+p price on International orders is shocking. Thats a hell of a lot of money in total to pay for one T-shirt. However good the quality. :(

If there are still some in the New Year i will be more in the green so we'll see.

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